Comments from the Canyons: Hard to adjust to time change


November 6, 2012

One more time, we have done as told and turned back our clocks in order to create confusion. We will now be on standard time just long enough to begin to get used to it before returning to daylight savings time. If we could just figure out a real purpose for these time changes, we might be more relaxed as we try to reset all our clocks.

Prissy, the black lab who owns this corner, is sure I am plotting against her. Not only does she have to wait an extra hour to go outdoors of a morning, but even worse, she has to wait an extra hour for her supper. She looks at me as if she would like to find another place to live — one at which she wouldn't have to be neglected.

The first morning was okay because we usually sleep a little later on Sunday, but that evening was miserable. Although I fed her a little earlier by the new time, she wasn't aware of any kindness on my part. She has no idea that I am working her into her late supper gradually, and she doesn't want to listen to any kind of excuses for the neglect she is suffering.

Actually, I am happier with standard time because I prefer to get up without having to light a lamp. Of course, even if we left the time alone, we would still have a short period of getting up before sunrise and doing chores in the dark. The most frustrating part of the time change is that it happens so suddenly. We don't have time to work our way into the different hours, thus creating all sorts of upsets for people and animals.

As we have said through the years, it Arizona and Hawaii can remain on the same time year around, why can't we? Were we to have someone in Santa Fe who would dare to try to keep our time the same, many of us would support him, no matter what party he might belong to. Just keeping us on one time or the other would be a great gift for us to enjoy.

In the mean time, Prissy will try to adjust her habits only to have to change them again in a few months. We will do our best to remain calm, and, obviously, we will continue to follow the leading sheep as we change our clocks.

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 575-461-1952.


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