Where does the white goes when the snow melts?


February 26, 2013

Ah, we're snowed in today, and I love it!

I am a snow man, no doubt about it. Not the abominable kind, I hope. Just the very ordinary kind. ("Snow person" might have been clearer, but that would be dangerously close to the politically correct ravaging and neutering of the English language evidenced by such atrocities as "chairperson," a term that should be relegated to bad science fiction movies.)

I just love snow. Whoever said that "there is nothing in all of nature more beautiful than snow" was right. I never get enough of it. Of course, we never get enough moisture of any kind these days, so I'm even more thankful for the frozen kind that'll melt and seep right on in.

I grew up in Amarillo, Texas, where we had really fine and frequent snows. Minnesotans wouldn't be particularly impressed, but by Texas standards, our Amarillo snows were noteworthy. (As I write, my grandkids are snowed in there with 11 inches thus far and a possibility of 18! I wish I was snowed in with them!)

But the snow we got last night in the Greater Muleplex was significant, and pretty much all of our townsfolk who can stay home ARE home today.

The kids and teachers were treated early on today to the special joy that comes when you see your school district's name scrolling along the TV ticker tape-ribbon list of cancellations. Seeing what you can do with snow is plenty educational (a few years ago, I built a snow dragon!), and, as Mark Twain wisely said, "I never let my schooling interfere with my education."

Lubbock, to the east, got half as much snow as we have, and they've pretty much shut down everything. That's smart.

When the good Lord dumps that much white stuff on us the best thing to do is give thanks, stay home, and enjoy it! Or, better, if you're blessed enough to be in the mountains when the white stuff is falling, strap on the sticks and head down the hill!

We're way short of mountains here, but the snowdrifts covering the little hill upon which I live are doing a good imitation. Snow is good at that. It makes the ordinary wonder-full!

Alas, I thought I'd prepared for today by lugging in some firewood, but, when I started lighting the fire, I soon was treated to billowing evidence that blowing snow has stuffed my chimney shut! I was tempted to try a couple of Tim Taylor-like approaches to fixing that situation, buy my wise wife intervened, so no fire yet.

Once this column is written, I'll be starting to cook some stew which will be enjoyed, as the good Lord intended, with milk and cornbread. (Clam chowder, chicken and dumplings, tortilla soup, chicken pot pie, and a number of other things would also make nice main courses for a snow day like this.)

Someone asked on the Internet, "Where does the white go when the snow melts?" Hmm, I dunno. I just know that I thank the Lord for snow!

Curtis Shelburne is pastor of 16th & Ave. D. Church of Christ in Muleshoe. Contact him at [email protected]


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