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Hay growers hold meeting


March 26, 2013

QCS photo: Jerenne Bradley

Concerned farmers and ranchers were in attendance for the Hay Growers roundtable discussion on Thursday afternoon.

The Quay County Hay Growers roundtable discussion was held on Thursday afternoon at the convention center with about 20 farmers and ranchers in attendance.

Leonard Lauriault of the New Mexico Agriculture Science Center said 107 years of data shows that last year was the hottest year on record for Quay County and the drought has been the most critical for the county.

Jim Norris with the Natural Resources Conservation Services office said Quay County could be in worse shape had local farmers and ranchers not practiced sound land management principles.

Norris said If the area doesn't get any rain soon, crops and cattle will be suffering even more than they have in previous drought years.


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