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Candidate Q&A: County Commission District 3


May 13, 2014


Editor’s Note: Candidates are listed in ballot order.

Candidates for Quay County Commissioner, District 3

QCS Staff

Franklin McCasland

Q: Why are you seeking office?

A: As a born and raised lifelong Quay County resident, I am humbled at the opportunity to give back to the community that has provided a home for my family and children to grow in and thrive. With deep family roots in Quay County, I look forward to encouraging a positive community connection where others can grow and be proud to call Quay County home. As a commissioner, I feel I can assist with promoting Quay County and leading the other elected officials in a direction that will benefit all the residents of the County. Serving as a commissioner previously was gratifying and a rewarding experience. Being able to serve the citizens and be their voice both at the local and state levels was an honor and pleasure and I am looking forward to serving everyone again.

Q: What are your qualifications?

A: Having served as a County Commissioner for eight years, my proven leadership and accomplishments speak for themselves regarding being the most qualified candidate. Management skills regarding County's $9 million dollar budget and increasing cash flow from $2.2 million when I first became a Commissioner to $6.3 million when I left office proves I have the citizen's best interest in mind when it comes to financial responsibility. I was an advocate for our citizens by securing funding for over $4.6 million in road improvements to provide safe pathways for our residents and the traveling public. The knowledge I have and the desire to have a transparent government has led to up-to-date clean audits without negative findings. I was instrumental in a variety of infrastructure improvements on behalf of all the citizens and will use my abilities to continue to make those improvements as the budget allows.

Q: What are the top two or three issues facing the county today?

A: 1. Protecting and preserving public and private water rights should be a high priority for a Commissioner. The public entities’ water rights at Ute Lake Reservoir affect the economic viability of our County and children's future. Establishing a minimum pool and yield study at Ute Lake is vital for all entities of Quay County.

2. Economic development with a declining population is certainly a priority. This issue provides a challenge for small communities to provide the essential services to the residents that they expect and deserve.

3. Healthcare in rural communities is a serious issue and continues to be a challenge for our medical facilities in recruiting and retaining physicians and provide quality services. With an aging population needing vital services, my goal as a County Commissioner will be to partner with all healthcare agencies and be a strong advocate on their behalf.

Q: What makes you think you are the best candidate for the job?

A: I have attended extensive trainings, classes and workshops as a former Quay County Commissioner from 2003 thru 2010 regarding the roles and responsibilities of being an effective County Commissioner. My proven leadership has provided the county a strong voice during State Legislative sessions to secure funding projects that benefit all Quay County residents. As State and Federal mandates continue to financially burden counties, this is one of my most valuable assets in which I can provide a recognized voice among our State and Federal Legislators against damaging legislation.

Q: What are the top two or three things you'd like the county to accomplish in the next four years?

A: 1. Continue the efforts of all the departments by being financially responsible to the taxpayers of Quay County. I look forward to assisting by providing an open door policy to the residents and employees of the county. I will offer ideas, leadership and guidance to department heads and other elected officials.

2. Provide quality services to County residents through infrastructure not limited to but including roads, buildings, secure detention facilities, extension services including 4-H and home economics, equipment for volunteer fire departments and law enforcement.

3. Improve partnerships between Quay County and the city of Tucumcari, villages of House, Logan, San Jon and the area of Nara Visa. These partnerships are vital to a growing community and to all residents of Quay County. These entities should also form an alliance and be willing to work in cooperation with state and federal agencies to improve Quay County.

Warren E. (Lucky) Carter

Q: Why are you seeking this office?

A: Having lived in Quay County for most of my life, I have knowledge of the past economic booms, as well as downturns. With the recent slump in the economy and loss of population, I feel that the County Commission needs to work with the local communities, as well as state and federal elected officials to promote economic growth. Because of the drought, we need to look at alternatives to ranching and farming to help stabilize county and city revenues. Since I am retired, I have the time and desire to devote to this position. It would be a great opportunity for me to give back to this county my time and energy and help it prosper and grow in the next four years.

Q: What are your qualifications?

A: I have a Master of Education degree in Administration and a minor in Government. Before retiring from the education field, I taught Civics, so I have a good understanding of the governmental process. As an administrator, I helped prepare budgets, set up personnel policies and procedures and worked to implement them to the benefit of all. I’ve worked with school boards in long-range planning and projections of our goals and had procedures put in place to measure outcomes. Having been a basketball coach, I understand the importance of teamwork. Quay County is full of hard-working people and I feel that my background and qualifications allow me to work with each and every one. I am a good listener and I will seek input on issues of concern. I am a proven leader and have the desire to serve the people of Quay County.

Q: What are the top two or three issues facing the county today?

A: 1. I believe with the down-turn in farming and ranching in Quay County, the biggest issue we will be facing is budget restraints. Again, we must diversify our economy and seek ways to create new jobs for the Quay County workforce.

2. I believe that water will continue to be an issue in Quay County. With the building of the pipeline from Ute Lake to Curry County, and with the depletion of Conchas and the continuation of the drought, we could be facing some major problems.

3. The road network in Quay County is in dire need of upgrading. This will be one of my main focuses.

Q: What makes you think you are the best candidate for the job?

A: I feel that serving the people of Quay County as a commissioner is a privilege and an honor. It is important that a commissioner’s main focus be on the duties of the position, without conflicts between agencies. Since I have no ties to other agencies or obligations to fulfill with an employer, I can devote my time and energy to the job of serving the people of Quay County. If elected, I promise that I’ll work hard to do the best job that I possibly can. I’ll use my knowledge and experience as a former administrator and business owner to work with the other commissioners and employees of the county as they strive to improve Quay County.

Q: What are the top two or three things you’d like the county to accomplish in the next four years?


A: 1.I would like to help develop ideas so that every tax dollar is used in the most effective way to benefit Quay County. I would like to help Quay County to continue to be efficient with the budget and to do the best it can for all employees; therefore, I would like to see a personnel policy put in place with salary schedules, benefits, vacation time, and comp time.

2. I would like to see county ordinances, policies, and bylaws updated.

3. I would like to see a master plan established for our road network, whereby from year to year it could be updated so that we, as a commission working with the county manager, could show our constituents where, when, and what work will be done on our roads.


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