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Rockabilly festival to expand


May 13, 2014

QCS Staff

The second annual Rockabilly on the Route will be taking over the Mother Road on June 5-8 with music, classic cars, pinup girls, parades, and multiple events throughout the weekend at the Tucumcari Convention Center.

This years event has been extended to four days of events including the addition of a movie night at the Odeon theater and much more.

It all begins on June 5 with a Rockin’ Bowl: Rockabilly on the Route Kick-off and La Loca Magazine release party at Mountain View Bowling.

This year there will be 11 live music bands starting at 6 -p.m.- 8 p.m., on June 5 and 6 during the Happy Hour Hullabaloo at the Tucumcari Convention Center with live music from the Sandbox Bullies and Emily Herring and the Farm to Market.

June 6 the Rumble on the Route: Will feature three headlining bands, Mad Max and The Wild Ones, Eddie Clendening and Dorados Rockabilly Trio(from Medellin, Columbia).The fun continues with Late night Madness at the Pow Wow Lizard Lounge with the Gilded Cage Burlesk and Variete show and performances from Mr. Right and the Leftovers and Hellbilly Homicide.

June 7 Rumble on the Route: Will feature three headlining bands, Voodo Swing, The Luck Bullets (from Oslo, Norway) and Justin Shandor: The Ultimate Elvis. The fun continues with Late night Madness at the Tri-Star Bar with performances by S.O.L. and Fabulous Minx.

All events are ticket/pass items and they can be purchased locally at: Te Pee Curious, Tucumcari Ranch Supply, NAPA, Circa Expresso bar, Chamber of Commerce, Contemporary Design and online at http://www.rockabillyontheroute.com.

There is also a discount for local residents who purchase their festival passes at local outlets.

For a complete list of events and locations you can check online at http://www.rockabillyontheroute.com and keep an eye out for CMI’s Route 66 Magazine which will contain schedules and interviews with the founders of Rockabilly on The Route.


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