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County 4-H members attend district contests


June 24, 2014

Staff report

Eighteen Novice and Junior 4-Hers from Quay County attended the Southeast District 4-H Contests in Hobbs New Mexico June 17 – 19. Novice 4-Hers are 9 to 11 years old and Juniors are 12 and 13.

Quay County’s Novice air rifle team placed 2nd with members Henry Molyneaux, Tate Hill, and Garrett Bollinger

The Junior air rifle team place 3rd with members Jonathan Clark, Tianna Peterson, and Gracie Whitson

The Novice archery team, shooting a compound bow with sights and release, placed 3rd with members Garrett Bollinger, Henry Molyneaux, Kelsey Morrow, Dyson Clark. Garrett Bollinger was fifth high individual.

The Junior archery team, shooting a compound bow with sights and release, placed 2nd with members Tianna Peterson, Chase Hittson, and Jason Knight. Tianna Peterson was high point individual and Chase Hittson was 3rd high individual.

In the recurve bow archery competition Novices Robert Evans placed second and Andrew Husted placed 3rd. Junior Amber Rivera placed fourth.

In the consumer decision making contest, Junior Tianna Peterson placed second.

The Junior entomology team of Kylie Griggs, Avery Cavett, Andrew Husted, and Amber Rivera placed 2nd. Amber Rivera was the 2nd high point individual.

The Junior Home EconomicsBowl team played Chavez County in two nail-biter rounds and came out on top. The team members bringing home the medals are Tianna Peterson, Natalie Hayes, Kylie Griggs, and Dyson Clark.

The Novice Home Economics Skill-a-thon team of Kylie Griggs, Avery Cavett, and Kelsey Morrow placed fourth.

The Junior Home Economics Skill-a-thon team of Tianna Peterson, Natalie Hayes, and Tate Hill placed third with Tianna Peterson fourth high individual.

In Horse Bowl the Junior team of Amber Rivera, Gracie Whitson, Amanda Kanapilly, and Jonathan Clark placed first. They played against a very formidable De Baca County team.

The Novice horticulture team of Natalie Hayes, Dyson Clark, and Tate Hill placed third with Natalie Hayes the second high individual.

The Junior horticulture team of Kaleb Hayes, Amber Rivera, Tianna Peterson, and Amanda Kanapilly placed third.

The Junior Livestock Skill-a-thon team of Jonathan Clark, Gracie Whitson, Amanda Kanapilly and Tate Hill placed third with Amanda Kanapilly the fifth high individual.

The Novice rifle team of Garrett Bollinger, Tate Hill, Kelsey Morrow, and Henry Molyneaux placed first with Garrett Bollinger the third high individual and Henry Molyneaux the fourth high individual.

The Junior Rifle team of Kaleb Hayes, Tianna Peterson, Jonathan Clark and Gracie Whitson placed first. Tianna Peterson was the second high individual and Kaleb Hayes was 3rd high individual.

The Novice Wildlife team of Dyson Clark, Garrett Bollinger, Andrew Husted and Tate Hill placed fifth.

The Junior Wildlife team of Amber Rivera, Kaleb Hayes, Jonathan Clark, and Gracie Whitson placed third.


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