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Archers compete in 3D shoot at Ute Lake Reservoir


July 15, 2014

Tobe Slater of San Jon retrieves arrows from a three-dimensional target at Saturday’s 3D shoot at Logan Park.

link Tobe Slater of San Jon retrieves arrows from a three-dimensional target at Saturday’s 3D shoot at Ute Lake State Park.

QCS Managing Editor

Even with sights, balancing mechanisms and hardware shaped more like a trestle bridge than a bow, there is something primitive about archery.

No booms, flashes, recoils or cordite haze. As in the days of Robin Hood, the archer pulls back on the line with the arrow notched inside, takes aim and lets go. The arrow zips toward its target with barely a whoosh.

More than 50 archers showed their skill with the bow Saturday morning at a “3D shoot” along the nature trail of Logan Park on the shore of Ute Lake. It was a quiet competition as archers, spotters and scorekeepers made their way through about 50 stops on the nature trail’s hilly, winding mile- and-a-half path. At each stop, there was a solid, three-dimensional (3D) life-size animal-shaped target—models of deer, elk, wild boar, wolves, and bears, with a couple of dinosaurs thrown in for fun.

To score, a shot had to strike within an patch in the center of the animal model into which the arrow would stick. Bullseyes were worth five points apiece and scores declined as shots landed further away from the center.

Each adult competitor paid $35 for the morning of practice and performance. They competed for over $700 in cash and prizes.

Sponsors of the competition were the Friends of Ute Lake, the Quay County 4-H Shooting Sports Program and New Mexico State Parks, Justin Knight, an organizer, said.

Contest winners included:

Men's Bowhunter

1. Jesse Liles,

2. Traven Stevenson

3. Chad Davis

4. Chris Mckinney

Women's Bowhunter

1. Kim Molyneaux

Young Adult14-18 yrs

1. Wyatt Bishop

Youth 10-13

1. Kyle Knight,

2. Skyler Davis,

3. Tyce Delk


1. Barry Heiskill


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