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First Ranch Rodeo action highlights Quay County Fair


August 19, 2014

Stetson Cates and Kiptyn Bidegain run out to the arena Saturday to take part in the calf scramble during the Ranch Rodeo at the Quay County Fair.

link Stetson Cates and Kiptyn Bidegain run out to the arena Saturday to take part in the calf scramble during the Ranch Rodeo at the Quay County Fair.

QCS Senior Writer

Local ranchers displayed their skills Saturday for the first-ever ranch rodeo competition held as part of the Quay County Fair in Tucumcari.

“I thought we had a great crowd, some have told me it is the biggest crowd they have seen at the rodeo arena in a long time,” said Jaree Elliot, event coordinator.

Elliot said she was overwhelmed by the show of support from the competitors, local ranchers, businesses and Mesalands Community College’s interim head rodeo coach Tim Abbott and assistant coach Staci Stanbrough. Abbott and Stanbrough judged the event as a courtesy, Elliot said.

“Many of the ranchers and locals who lent a hand would not accept money when offered to them to pay for their services,” Elliot said. “Many of them were happy to help out a local event.”

Elliot said the event has received so much positive feedback from contestants and spectators that she believes there will be a second ranch rodeo during next year’s county fair.

Elliot has organized ranch rodeos in New Mexico and Texas and knew this type of event would be successful, she said, adding that the Quay County Fair Board received the idea with enthusiasm.

“I think it was a great event that drew in a very diverse crowd,” said Brad Bryant, Quay County Commission chair.

Bryant said the ranch rodeo was a great way for people to enjoy the Saturday afternoon and provided some excitement for people who had been at the fair for four days. Many local residents took part in the event and continuing athe event next year would be a great way to draw in people to the area.

There were five events centered around actual ranch routines, Elliot said, although the milking contest was an exception, since many ranchers don’t have to catch a cow to milk it.

Elliot said there were 13 four-member teams entered in rodeo, but many of the contestants competed on more than one team. She said individuals were allowed to compete on different teams as long as two members were different from their original team.

Midway through the show, children under 12 years old participate in a calf scramble event, in which the kids chased four calves that had ribbons tied to their tales. The object of the chase was to remove the ribbons. Elliot said the children who succeeded each received $5, and all contestants were awarded a candy bar.

Following the rodeo, an open bronc riding contest was held, featuring 12 local riders.

“I could not have asked for a better turnout and response to this year’s event,” Elliot said. “I’m certain it will be an annual event to accompany the fair for years to come.”

First team team won $2,900 and handmade Gary Loveland buckles, second team won $1,800 and third team won $800. Individual event winners won $200 per event. In the broncs riding, First won $400, second $400 and third $150.

Ranch rodeo team totals and placings

Team point totals and placings

1. Juana Ranch

2. Diamon 7

3. Dennis Cattle Company

4. T4 Cattle

5. Carter Ranch

6. EJ Cattle Company

7. The Next Team

8. Valentine Ranch

8. Nadagrande Ranch

9. Trigg

9. The Saddle Tramps

10 Gobson

11. You Guys

Individual event team placings


1. Valentine Ranch

2. T4 Cattle

3. Dennis Cattle Company

4. Diamond 7

5. The Next Team

6. E.J. Cattle Company

7. Trigg

8. The Saddle Tramps

9. Carter Ranch

10. Juana Ranch

11. You Guys

No time

Nadagrande Ranch



1. Carter Ranch

2. Nadagrande Ranch

3. Juana Ranch

4. EJ Cattle Company

5. Diamond 7

6. The Next Team

7. Valentine Ranch

No time


You Guys


The Saddle Tramps

T4 Cattle

Dennis Cattle Company


1. T4 Cattle

2. Diamond 7

3. Juana Ranch

4. Nadagrande Ranch

5. Dennis Cattle Company

6. Trigg

7. Carter Ranch

8. The Next Team

9. The Saddle Tramps

No time

You Guys


Valentine Ranch

EJ Cattle Company

Wild Cow Milking

1. Juana Ranch

2. The Saddle Tramps

3. Gibson

4. Dennis Cattle Company

5. Trigg

6. T4 Cattle

7. Valentine Ranch

8. Diamond 7

9. EJ Cattle Company

10. Nadagrande Ranch

No time

You Guys

Carter Ranch

The Next Team

Remuda Race

1. EJ Cattle Company

2. Carter Ranch

3. The Next Team

4. Dennis Cattle Company

5. Juana Ranch

6. Diamond 7

7. You Guys

8. T4 Cattle

9. Gibson

10. The Saddle Tramps

11. Trigg

12. Nadagrande Ranch

13. Valentine Ranch

Open Bronc Ride

1. Clayton Smith

2. Anthony Egerton

3. Sean Rusk

4. Levi Loveland

5. Hadley Barnett

6. Aaron John Badger

No time/no score

Clay Posey

Dennis Earle

Colton Strand

Justin Fitzgerald

Tanner Sorrels

Trace Pilley


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