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County Commission approves property tax rates


September 10, 2014

QCS Staff

The Quay County Commission on Friday approved property tax rates for the 2014 tax year.

The rates were approved in a unanimous commission vote without discussion.

Janie Hoffman, the county assessor, said the greatest increase in property taxes occurs in Logan, where, she said a 2.8-mil increase in the tax rate will mean a tax increase of $93.52 for property valued at $100,000, or $33,330 assessed. The smallest increase, she said, occurs in House, where a 0.068-mil increase will raise the tax bill for a $100,000 property by $2.27.

Property tax rates in mils, or thousandths of a dollar per $1,000 of assessed valuation (one-third of the property's actual value as determined by assessment).

Tax rates are based on school districts in which property is located, whether the property is residential or non-residential, and whether the property is located within cities or villages in the school district.

Property tax rates for each school district are listed in the table below, and the resulting tax bill for property valued at $100,000 ($33,330 assessed value) are listed in the table below.

DistrictProperty tax rate (mils)Tax bill


In-town residential 27.837 $927.81

In-town non-residential 33.522 $1,117.29

Outside town residential 22.796 $759.79

Outside town non-residential 25.872 $589.84


In-town residential 22.076 $735.79

In-town nonresidential 27.085 $902.74

Outside town residential 17.697 $589.94

Outside town non-residential 19.435 $647.77


In-town residential 26.098 $869.85

In-town nonresidential 26.987 $899.48

Outside town residential 18.448 $614.87

Outside town non-residential 20.213 $673.70

San Jon

In-town residential 24.042 $801.32

In-town nonresidential 27.157 $905.14

Outside town residential 18.357 $611.84

Outside town non-residential 20.362 $678.67


Residential 19.947 $664.83

Non-residential 21.972 $732.33

Nara Visa

Residential 18.448 $614.87

Non-residential 20.213 $673.70


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