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Bailey Smith wins state grand champion steer prize


September 23, 2014

Bailey Rhea Smith of Logan presented the Grand Champion steer at the New Mexico State Fair after winning grand champion honors at the Quay County Fair in August.

Her steer had already been named the champion cross-breed when the judge selected it on Wednesday September 17th to be the Grand Champion among 80 steers that competed. Bailey received $16,000 dollars for her calf in the state fair auction.

Other Quay County state fair entries included:

Junior Market Goats

Amanda Kanapilly (Junior), Light Goat

Amanda Kanapilly (Junior), Medium Goat, 11th

Jordan Hines (Novice), Medium Goat

Kindal Smith (Junior), Medium Goat

Jason Knight (Junior), Medium Goat

Amber Rivera (Junior), Heavy Goat

Amber Riveria (Junior), Heavy Goat

Junior Market Swine

Kambry Burns (Novice), Light Dark Pure Breds, 4th

Wyatt Wright (Novice), Light Duroc, 9th

Avery Cavett (Novice), Light Duroc

Riley Bruhn (Novice), , Heavy Duroc

Kambry Burns (Novice), Light Hampshire, 1st

Jordan Hines (Novice), Light Hampshire, 6th

Karlee Cantrell (Novice), Light Hampshire, 7th

Avery Cavette (Novice), Light White Purebed, 6th

Karlee Cantrell (Novice), Heavy White Purebred 3rd

Wyatt Wright (Novice), Light Yorkshire,

Baylee Hines (Senior), Heavy Yorkshire, 8th

Baylee Hines (Senior), Light Crosses

Kambry Burns (Novice), Light Crosses

Kyle Hamilton (Junior), Light Medium Crosses

Jordan Hines (Novice), Medium Crosses

Karlee Cantrell (Novice), Medium Crosses

Jordan Hines (Novice), Medium Heavy Crosses, 4th

Jordan Hines (Novice), Heavy Crosses, 7th

Karlee Cantrell (Novice), Heavy Crosses

Baylee Hines (Senior), Heavy Heavy Crosses, 4th

Junior Market Lambs

Baylee Hines (Senior), Light Fine wool Cross, 2nd

Kyle Knight (Junior), Light Fine wool Cross, 4th

Jason Knight (Junior), Light Fine wool Cross, 8th

Karli Webb (Senior), Heavy Fine Wool Cross, 8th

Kyle Knight (Junior), Light Blackface Div. 1, 6th

Jason Knight (Junior), Light Blackface Div.1

Chance Romero (Senior), Medium Blackface Div.1

Baylee Smith (Senior), Light Blackface Div.2, 1st

Karli Webb (Senior), Light Blackface Div. 2 , 8th

Kyle Knight (Junior), Medium Blackface Div. 2

Baylee Hines (Senior), Light Blackface Div. 3

Chance Romero (Senior), Light Blackface Div. 3

Kyle Knight (Junior), Medium Blackface Div. 3

Baylee Smith (Senior), Heavy Blackface Div. 3

Kindle Smith (Novice), Heavy Blackface Div. 3

Junior Market Steers

Aleahna Branch (Senior), Light Chianina, 3rd

Bailey Smith (Senior), Heavy Chianina, 5th

Kindle Smith (Novice), Heavy Limousin, 1st

Bailey Smith (Senior), Medium Crosses, Grand Champion overall

Educational Exhibits

Leather Craft

Dyson Clark (Novice), Other Stamped Item, 1st

Eli Oliver (Junior), Practice Board, 1st

Wood Science

Tianna Peterson (Junior), Birdhouse, 1st

Small Engines

Jonathan Clark (Junior) Exhibit, 1st

Dog Care & Training

Tianna Peterson (Junior), Exhibit, 1st

Baking 2

Katelind Hittson (Senior), Cornbread, 1st

Family Life

Tianna Peterson (Junior), Advertising Flyer, 1st

Shooting Sports

Ryan Fair (Novice), Hunting Exhibit, 3rd

Gares Lopez (Novice), Pistol Exhibit, 3rd

Kaleb Hayes (Junior), Pistol Exhibit, 2nd

Tianna Peterson (Junior), Rifle Exhibit, 1st

Trestin Peterson (Senior)Rifle Exhibit, 3rd


Tianna Peterson (Junior), Color to B&W, 2nd

Tianna Peterson (Junior), B&W Color Added, 3rd, ,

Katelind Hittson (Senior), 5 Photos that Build, 2nd

Dog Show

Natalie Hayes (Novice), Junior Showmanship, 1st

Natalie Hayes (Novice), Obedience, 5th

Kaleb Hayes (Junior), Junior Showmanship, 3rd

Kaleb Hayes (Junior), Obedience, 6th

Kaleb Hayes (Junior), Agility, 3rd


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