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December 2, 2014

A long list of things have the support of the majority of the public that Republicans have no intentions of addressing. Among those are immigration reform, consumer protection, health care, infrastructure maintenance, controls on financial institutions, etc.

The chief executive officer of XL pipeline said the pipeline would create about 50 permanent jobs; the balance would be temporary.

James Hanson, former NASA scientist, said the pipeline would be a huge environmental mistake. The window to address climate change is getting smaller and smaller, according to the vast majority of environmental scientists.

Building the XL pipeline would create far fewer jobs than addressing infrastructure needs of one state. The largest recipient of XL pipeline benefits would be Koch Bros. That explains the optimistic estimate of benefits by The State Department and all the bad mouthing for the pipeline.

Our ignoring global warming is showing disrespect, not to mention stupidity, for the needs of our island, Earth.

Scientific facts show that we have to leave a large part of our fossil fuels in the ground to avoid climatic disaster.

The Republicans are going to appoint Jim Inhofe chairman of Environment and Public Works Department.

This will kill funding for the EPA and their efforts to address global warming. The EPA and Clean Air Act were supported by Republicans at their origin. The current ones are more influenced by the rewards of supporting the status quo than the needs of our planet. You might say they were ethically challenged.

Leon Logan



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