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Thomas Garcia: Cats find themselves too tempted by “Temptations”


February 24, 2015

Thomas Garcia

QCS Columnist

The power of “Temptations” has changed my two cats’ perception of necessary food and treats.

My cats, Toby and Brownie, are a huge part of my life and a source of great joy and love to me.

I have explained how they have made me smile with their ability to make toys out of household items, including old political mailers and dice. I have also shared my struggle with their need to make noise with their toys during the early morning hours.

Today, I share the benefits, joys and struggles of feeding your cat treats like “Temptations.”

I had tried giving my cats Pounce, a soft chewable treat that Brownie enjoyed on occasion but Toby just didn’t care for. He’d often leave them on the floor where I left them for him.

My friend Amanda, the cat expert, and I have seen her cats go crazy for Pounce, so I was wondering why my cats were not as excited.

Nevertheless , I set out to find something both cats would enjoy so I could treat them when they’d been good or for no other reason than to show my love.

I went to the local store. I wont mention its name because this isn’t a plug for the store nor free advertising, but man, do they have some good stuff.

After looking at several bags of treats of various size, textures and flavors I decided to go with the “Temptations” chicken flavored crunchy treat.

I paid for the treats and a tub of cat litter, yes I said a tub. When you have cats, it’s better to buy litter in bulk and be prepared than to be low-lined in the litter box. Cat owners know exactly what I am talking about, and I’ll write another column explaining the litter box woes.

Anyway, I paid for my items, drove home and waited a bit for the cats to stop playing. When they were just lounging around I decided to break out the new treats.

I went over to the cabinet where I keep their food and treats and shook the bag to get their attention. Toby was the first to look over to see what I was doing, but it was Brownie, who jumped off the couch and ran across the coffee table, who made it to my feet first.

I asked my two special cats asking them “who’s my special kitties? Who wants a treat?”

Brownie answered first with his high pitched and long meow and Toby, well, he does not Meow like other cats he says “Map.”

So after they answered I dropped one treat for each of them. The treats were gobbled up faster than I could say “sassafras.”

Don’t ask me why I chose that word. It just seemed like a good one to use, since my editors Steve Hansen and David Stevens will be reading, proofing and approving this column.

I have to admit I was shocked to see them eat the treats so fast and I gave them a second, third and even fourth treat. I saw no harm in giving them some extra treats.

Since the introduction of “Temptations” into their lives, however, the two lovable cats that were like sweet children have now entered the stage of rebellious teenagers.

They will linger around the cabinet and meow and roll around and pine away for the treats. It even got to the point where they didn’t want to eat regular food and just kept protesting for the treats when I was around the cabinet or pouring cat food into in their bowls.

Now, don’t worry, they are not about to blow away. Toby and Brownie are healthy cats. In fact, Brownie is younger than Toby but is about the same size if not bigger now.

They will eat cat food but if I walk toward that cabinet or, heaven forbid, I shake a sack, they stop eating, run to the hallway and begin scouring the carpet for loose treats.

I have to admit it is comical to watch them look around frantically for a treat. Almost reminds me of birds being fed bread or bird seed in the park.

I’m also careful not to use their addiction to the treats as a weapon against them: You know, shaking the bag at random during the night to have them spring from the bed to search for treats in the dark.

With great power comes great responsibility. Yes, I know that is a quote from Spiderman, but it fits in this case. Plus, how often do I get a chance to quote the immortal Stan Lee in a column.

The cats have resumed their normal eating habits, and I still give them the “Temptations” treats from time to time, but as a precaution, I space out the times and dosages I give them.

While I don’t think the cats will do anything drastic I still want to be on the safe side. After all, they say, temptation is one of the most powerful forces in the world.

Thomas Garcia is a senior writer at the Quay County Sun. He can be reached at [email protected]


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