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March 24, 2015

On this date ...

March 19, 1970: Three teenagers police described as “hippie type” were picked up by Tucumcari police for vagrancy. Officers briefly left them alone on the second floor of City Hall and two of them jumped out the window. The two were quickly recaptured and all three were placed in the city jail while officials searched for their parents. The teens were 15, 16 and 17 years old and said they were from California.

March 22, 1955: Gov. John Simms announced he would not sign a bill that would have built a youth reformatory in Quay County. Simms cited cost as his primary concern. The proposed institution’s price tag was $650,000.

March 21, 1940: The Logan High School gym was being used as a roller-skating rink several nights a week. Hours varied, but school officials said it would always close by 9 so students would not be out late.

Their business ...

March 23, 1970: The Royal Palacio Motel in Tucumcari had just completed a new laundromat and added a pool table. The pool table was for adults only, according to an advertisement in the Tucumcari Daily News. The motel offered 25 units, all carpeted with TV and phones.

Transitions ...

March 24, 1965: Tucumcari police had four new patrol cars, including an unmarked car for the police chief. All four cars were Chevrolet Biscaynes with special police packages. They were each being leased from Tucumcari Motor Co. for $133.33 per month.

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