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November 10, 2015

Point of view

Regarding Steve Hansen’s Nov. 4 column headlined “Someone has to ask the hard questions:”

Hansen and I must have been watching a different GOP debate on CNBC.

Hansen spoke of the “tough questions” the moderators asked the candidates and the problems the candidates had with the questions.

He insinuated that the candidates ganged up on the reporters and hung the “main-stream-media” albatross around their necks.

Hansen seemed to paint the people at the podium as village idiots when in fact the people asking the stupid questions were the idiots.

The candidates finally got tired of the craziness and called them on the “hard questions.”

They asked Trump something about a cartoon character, and:

• “Gov. Huckabee, does Mr. Trump have the morals to be president?”

• “Gov. Kasich, can you find something wrong with two people on the other end of the stage?”

• “Gov. Bush, why have your numbers dropped so much?”

Who do we have running for president from the Democratic Party? A 72-year-old male Socialist who wants to tax us at 90 percent and a female Socialist who has the FBI investigating her emails and Congress trying to get to the bottom of the Benghazi deaths that happened on her watch.

I am over three quarters of a century old and spent about 80 percent of that as a Democratic. I even voted for Jimmy Carter … the first time.

But when I started watching Socialists working their way into the Democrat leadership and the “main stream media” turning their heads to what was happening, I had to switch parties.

We don’t need to turn America into a Socialist state. I didn’t spend 30 years in the military to retire and watch that happen.

Bill Menges


Veteran’s lives


The other day I heard Hillary say black lives matter. Yes, they do. I wish she would have said our military service veterans’ lives mattered at Benghazi. But she was too busy or didn’t give a damn and lives were lost.

All politicians should make it a law that all veterans’ lives matter 100 percent.

If they truly believe that, all veterans with an honorable discharge would be taken care of if hurt or wounded and the need for all the service organizations that are non-government funded that help veterans wouldn’t be as needed as much, if any.

(The government gives billions of dollars to all other countries’ friends or enemies.)

Wake up, America. The commander in chief needs to be a true commander in charge and take care of American people first.

Senior citizens and kids shouldn’t go to bed hungry, while the fat cats in foreign countries get fatter with American dollars paying their bills.

As Michael Connelly wrote in his Harry Bosch detective series: “Everybody counts or nobody counts.”

Donald Adams



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