Helena Rodriguez: Sometimes words are actions


December 15, 2015


Helena Rodriguez

Guest Columnist

Do actions speak louder than words?

Sometimes it takes words to ignite action. Otherwise, how will people know what we want? How will they know when we had enough? And how will God know when we can’t do it alone?

Well, here’s a news flash. God isn’t fixing this. That’s according to the Dec. 3 issue of the New York Daily News.

Now let me back up. God isn’t fixing what? According to who?

According to the Politically Correct who say words can hurt and yet words are ineffective when it comes to doing good? The same people who say guns cause violence when it comes to domestic terrorism, but words and offensive language like “Christmas” instead of “holidays” may be provoking?

In its issue early this month, the New York Daily News advocated for people to “do something” about gun violence while mocking prayer. It got it backward. With the increase in active-shooter situations, a.k.a. terrorism, tell our commander-in-chief to “do something” while our “one nation (that is supposed to be) under God” gets down on bended knee like it did in phenomenal numbers on Sept. 11, 2001.

I believe it is prayer — and only prayer — followed by action, that will result in the containment of terrorists in spite of Obama’s fantastical “they are already contained” policy.

It’s time to “contain” the reign of glamour and political niceness that is blind to the wolves in sheeps’ clothing. Instead, they want to turn an innocent lamb into the beastly lion.

I saw an unpolitically correct cartoon that depicted Uncle Sam kneeling under a cross. The commentary that accompanied this cartoon suggested we Americans share in the blame for the rash or recent active-shooter incidents due to our increasingly secularized culture. If this is the case, should we be shocked when those who oppose the Christian principles of our founding fathers want to trample over an emblem that we ourselves are allowing to be trampled on?

Violence begets violence. A country that condones violence begets violence, and complacency results in chaos. How can we listen to anti-gun rhetoric from many who think abortion is OK?

The moral here is that words are twisted to protect or rationalize wrongs in some incidents while words spoken softly, in folded hands of prayer, are held in contempt.

Words can hurt. Words can blind. Words alone may not suffice. But words breathed into the air with folded hands and a trusting heart can move mountains, and hearts … and nations.

Prayer is an active, not a passive verb. God can fix this.

Helena Rodriguez is a Portales native. Contact her at: [email protected]


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