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Tucumcari resident wins $90,000


February 2, 2016

Carlos Ysco

QCS Senior Writer

Tucumcari native Carlos Ysco, knew he had hit big on the Roadrunner Cash drawing Jan. 22, but even he was surprised to learn it was $90,000 big.

“When I go to Bingo and win I usually get this tingling feeling all over but at that moment I was too shocked to feel anything,” Ysco said.

On Jan. 27, Ysco claimed a $90,000 Roadrunner Cash jackpot at the New Mexico Lottery Headquarters in Albuquerque.

Ysco, 67, said his journey to claim his prize began with the purchase of his ticket at the Circle K convenience store on Rock Island Street in Tucumcari. He said for several years he has played the Roadrunner Cash game and had won prizes ranging from $8 to $100. Twice he won $500 on the Pick 3 game, which had been the largest prize he had claimed, Ysco added.

Ysco said five days after the drawing, he checked the ticket and thought he had only matched four of the five numbers drawn, which provides a $200 prize. He said he placed the ticket on the kitchen table and went about his daily routine as usual.

Ysco said each morning he visits his ex-wife, Diana Ysco, to drink coffee, see if she needs anything from the store and waits with her until the Senior Center workers deliver her meal. He said only after returning home that afternoon did he realize the ticket he left on the kitchen table was actually a jackpot winner.

“I thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me,” Ysco said. “'Surely I didn’t get all five numbers' I said to myself.”

To win on Roadrunner Cash, players must match at least two of the five numbers drawn. Two numbers are worth $1, three numbers $5, four numbers $200; getting all five numbers wins the jackpot.

There is a daily drawing with a base jackpot prize of $25,000. The amount increases every day the jackpot is not won. The odds of winning the jackpot are one in 435,897.

Ysco said he took the ticket to Lowe's grocery store and when the cashier checked the ticket it printed a paper stating to claim the winnings at the Lottery headquarters. He said the girls were confused about the message but he now knew he did have all five numbers.

The NM Lottery allows prizes from $1 to $600 to be claimed at local Lottery retailers. Prizes from $601- $99,999 can be claimed in person or by mail with a completed claim form.

Ysco said he traveled to Albuquerque and after getting lost, he stopped at a gas station asked for directions to the Lottery headquarters. He said once there, he presented the ticket and was told how much he had won.

“The woman at the front desk said ‘You know you won $90,000,’ and at first I was to shocked to even reply,” Ysco said.

Ysco said he plans to invest most of the money, pay off a few bills and give some money to family.


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