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Local teachers serve up education


March 22, 2016


QCS Senior Writer

Tucumcari Elementary School students had a rare opportunity on March 15, when teachers and staff gladly took their orders with a smile as part of McTeacher Night at the McDonald’s restaurant in Tucumcari.

For two hours, 40 teachers and staff participated in this event, said Tonya Hodges, school principal.

"This was such a great event that involved the teachers, staff, students and their parents to benefit the school," said fifth-grade teacher Monica Filpi, who added that the event gave the entire community a chance to come together and make a difference for the students.

“This event was such a huge success that benefited the students in so many ways,” Filpi said.

Hodges said the teachers and staff each worked 30 minutes shifts along side the employees at McDonald’s. She said as part of their efforts the elementary school earned 20 percent of the money taken in during the event. Faculty and staff raised $750; the money will be used for various classroom expenses throughout the school.

Students and their families filled the restaurant and were greeted by teachers and staff members, who wore brightly colored shirts and stood alongside the McDonald’s employees at the counter and drive-thru windows.

Hodges said she was contacted by restaurant co-owner Robyn Snowberger about taking part in the McTeacher Night event.

Snowberger and her husband, Jon Snowberger, own McDonald’s restaurants in Clovis, Portales, and Roswell -- in addition to their establishment in Tucumcari.

Hodges said Snowberger has held similar events in Clovis and Portales and wanted to hold the event in Tucumcari to benefit the elementary school.

“This was a great event and a good time that was enjoyed by all of the teachers and staff,” Hodges said.

Hodges said she was so appreciative of how cordial and helpful the employees of the local McDonald’s were during the event. She said each of them were pleasant and "seemed to enjoy our company at their job."


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