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April 19, 2016

Michael G. Lucero is a Republican candidate hoping to replace Ben Ray Lujan as our U.S. representative. In a speech he gave his qualifications and reasons for wanting to represent us.

There is a huge difference between well informed and indoctrinated; Lucero obviously falls under the latter.

Lucero complained about the government bullying him to stop grazing cattle on land that had been used for generations. Could it be because he had not lived up to the rules of grazing on public land? Was it because he failed to pay the grazing rate (about 50 percent of the private rate or less).

Another claim he raises is the government tries to prevent ranchers from putting food on American tables. For the latest, get your copy of the expose at the check out.

He is opposed to “Obama’s war on coal, gas and oil.” I guess he flunked science 101.

He says Obamacare is a failure. You can go to hell for lying as well as stealing.

All Republican candidates have to stick to the script of how to balance the budget — austerity. The majority of economists, conservative or liberal, agree that you do not institute austerity policies during a recession.

Europe has proven this point, conservatives are not influenced by facts. Every Republican candidate’s proposed budget vastly increases the deficit.

Lucero says Lujan is a yes man for Obama. Lucero does not approve of health care for the poor, Obamacare, but he is high on “Christian values.”

He does not believe in conserving wild spaces, thinks criminals have no constitutional rights and says government will not “afford” law-abiding citizens to defend themselves at home.” This lets the National Rifle Association know he is toeing the line.

He sounds like a yes man to the know nothings.

Leon Logan



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