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The dangers facing cops all too real


July 13, 2016

QCS Senior Writer

Law enforcement officers know there is an inherent danger that comes with putting on the uniform, as do their loved ones.

The July 7 shooting in Dallas, that left five police officers dead, made the start of Quay County Sheriff’s Deputy Clay Huffman’s shift that day a bit more emotional for his wife.

“It terrifies me, seeing what happened in Dallas,” said Cassie Huffman.

Huffman said she has felt a big sense of pride since the first day her husband said he wanted to be an officer. She said there is a lot of pride that comes from seeing her husband willing to put his life on the line each day to protect his community.

“I’ve always been scared, when he’s out there, but not to the point where it is overwhelming,” Huffman said.

Huffman said her anxiety is fueled not only by recent events, but also the fact that the family will welcome its fourth child in February 2017. She said she has confidence that her husband knows how to take care of himself in any given situation.

“I just have to believe in his abilities and trust in the Lord's plans for our families,” Huffman said.

Huffman said that as she watched the news coverage unfold she thought “things are getting out of hand, they’ve been getting out of hand for a long time.” She said that even though it's gotten bad, none of it has made her husband reconsider his career; instead, she said, it made him want to be a stronger officer for his family and community.

Huffman said the shooting in Dallas is a reminder of the dangers her husband could face while on duty. She said she’s always known there was danger both in and out of uniform.

“I remind him that I support him and will always have his back,” Huffman said. “In whatever career path he chooses, we are in it together.”


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