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Letter to the Editor: Sexual orientation not a 'lifestyle'


January 18, 2017

Rube Render’s Jan. 11 column headlined “Sports, government bad combination,” is an accurate description of how sports organizations manipulate officials to fund their endeavors.

The Texas Rangers baseball team is a good example.

Where I disagree with Render is his position on sports organizations taking action on discriminatory laws.

When “behavior modification” involves defending a minority against an uninformed, biased law, I think the action is entirely appropriate.

The majority of major medical experts agree that a person’s sexual orientation is determined prior to birth. It is not a “lifestyle.”

Do you remember making the decision about which sex you were going to be drawn to?

There was no decision to be made.

There have been claims made of religious “cures” of sexual “deviants.” They have never stood up to investigation.

Some other forms of “behavior modification” that should be addressed are the various laws to address “fraudulent voting.” Numerous investigations have revealed about three or four fraudulent votes out of millions.

The laws are intended to keep down the number of “those votes” to sustain the status quo. Some of “those” people live in public housing.

Another position Republicans take that cannot be supported by science or facts is opposition to addressing global warming.

In scientific circles there is no debate whether or not global warming exists and human activities are the cause of it. Not addressing it will be far more expensive.

Leon Logan



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