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Letter to the editor - May 17

Disagreements natural in government


Rube Render’s column in which he alleged scientists have failed in their obligations did a poor job backing up his allegations.

He picked out two instances in which two different scientist gave their opinion on two different subjects that proved not to be accurate.

Their opinions were not backed up by the majority of scientists.

The fundamental reason for science is to determine the facts. They do not hesitate to question any position, they follow the facts; politicians follow the money.

The fact that lead in drinking water causes devastating effects in children has been known by everyone, except Fox news devotees, for a long time.

Those Environmental Protection Agency regulations are based on facts and are intended to protect our environment.

Ever hear of acid rain? Streams that burn? What lead in gasoline does to air?

If our current EPA head gets his way, we may get to see all those glorious things come back.

Global warming is a scientific fact and those that deny it are doing so for one basic reason: Money. They do not want the status quo to change.

Trump wants to bring back coal (he says today). That would be like putting your money on the covered wagon instead of Ford.

China is investing in clean energy and Tesla.

Some Republicans are coming out now and saying global warming is real and needs to be addressed. They are the hope of a Republican party that stands for something.

Our country relies on two parties that place the best interest of the country first. Disagreements are natural and compromise is essential to govern.

Leon Logan



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