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By Thomas Garcia
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Vandals strike

Two arrested for breaking vehicle and building windows over weekend.


August 23, 2017

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Windows were broken in a case of vandalism at Bob's Upholstery late Saturday or early Sunday morning. Several pieces of furniture were also lost.

A rash of overnight vandalism resulted in thousands of dollars of damages for more than 20 residents and a local business in Tucumcari.

There are still reports coming in today from residents who are returning home from the weekend to discover their vehicles were damaged, said Pete Rivera, Tucumcari Deputy Chief of Police.

Rivera said officers responded to reports of vandalism late Saturday night, early Sunday morning on South Adams Street and South Second Street. He said a male subject, later arrested and identified as Irvin Martinez, 24, and a 16 year-old juvenile, were busting windows out of vehicles and buildings.

Rivera said several vehicles on South Second Streets were busted out or damaged by Martinez and the juvenile. He said the department was also a victim of the vandalism as the window of a TPD police cruiser parked outside an officers residence was damaged. The cruiser was even side swiped during the vandalism, Rivera added.

Rivera is urging any witnesses to the crimes to come forward with information. He said even though the bulk of the incidents occurred during the same period it will be difficult for the department and the Tenth Judicial District Attorney's office to tie them to each individual crime. It is most likely all the vandalism was committed by these individuals, however an eye witness who could place them in the area would aid in the charging and prosecuting for the crimes, Rivera added.

The damage is not only to the store front, but to a lot of the furniture in the store, said Richard Jones, manager Bob's Upholstery.

Jones said he and another co-worker spent seven hours removing the broken glass and boarding up six windows that were broken. He said the extent of the damage goes beyond just the windows. Several recliners and coach and love seat sets were showered with broken glass, Jones added.

"There is no way that we can remove all the glass from the furniture," Jones said. "We would not, could not in good conscience sell the furniture to a family."

On Monday, Jones said the clean up will continue as they continue to remove the furniture and glass that still lay scattered across the floor.

Rivera said residents that still need to report damage that may be connected to this incident can contact the police department at 575-461-2160.


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