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By Thomas Garcia
Staff writer 

Local restaurant owners retiring

Del's and Kix on 66 up for sale.


January 17, 2018

Thomas Garcia

Sisters Yvonne Braziel, left, and Yvette Braziel-Peacock, right, celebrated their belated 20th anniversary as owners of Del's restaurant in 2015 with a quick hug. The sisters announced they desire to sell Del's and Kix on 66 earlier this month.

After 23 years of building up, establishing and refining Del's and Kix on 66, restaurant owners Yvette Peacock and Yvonne Braziel have decided it's time to retire.

"The time has come for someone else to take these restaurants to new heights," Braziel said.

Peacock said simply, "you work hard all of your life and you look forward to retirement."

Braziel said the decision to sell did not come lightly, but she and her sister agreed they were at the top of their game and it was time to sell.

Peacock said the announcement to sell the restaurants was unfortunately timed, given the recent news of Kmart's impending closure.

"We are not closing our doors," Braziel said. "We are still open for business and intend to be until we sell the restaurants."

Peacock said there was never any plans of closure, but conceded the sale of the restaurant will more than likely take some time to complete.

"We didn't want it to be some overnight announcement," Braziel said. "We were never going to just suddenly announce the restaurants were sold and simply goodbye."

Peacock said Tucumcari is her home, and even after the sale of the restaurants she does not plan on leaving.

Braziel said she intends to travel.

"That's what you do when you retire, you enjoy the fruits of your labor."

Braziel and Peacock began their journey on Jan. 9, 1995 when they bought Del's from their mother. In August 2004 the two purchase a building on Route 66 that once housed a Denny's restaurant and opened Kix on 66.

The sisters had also opened a third restaurant in May 2009 called Rocking Y's on Route 66 and U.S. Highway 54. The restaurant was damaged and closed after a fire in Dec. 2015.

"These restaurants have been a part of our lives going on 24 years," Peacock said. "It's time for someone else to make it their legacy."


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