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Meetings watch - Feb. 28


February 28, 2018

At their Feb. 26 meeting, Quay County commissioners took the following actions:

Commission Chair Franklin McCasland was not present during this meeting.

• A public hearing was held for the closing of Quay Road 56, blocks 275-500. There was no objection to the closure by the residents neighboring the road. The hearing was closed and in regular session the commission approved the road closure.

• Presbyterian Medical Services Administrator C. Renee Hayoz gave the monthly Rural Primary Health Care Act report for the local clinics.

• Quay County Manager Richard Primrose requested the approval of a housing agreement with Chavez County for juvenile detention. Primrose said the agreement is for $165 a day. The commission approved the agreement with Chavez County.

• Quay County Fire Marshall Don Adams requested the approval of the submission of eight of the counties Fire Department’s application for the Public Employees Retirement Association of New Mexico. District 1 Commissioner Sue Dowell elected to abstain from the motions, voting due to her name being among the applications. Commission Chair McCasland was contacted via phone and motioned for the approval of the applications, District 2 Commissioner Mike Cherry second the motion. The applications were approved.

• Quay County DWI Preventionist Susan Lease requested the approval of New Mexico Department of Transportation Grant Agreement application for $200,000. Lease said she has applied for this grant before in the past but was not approved. The commission approved the application.

• Quay County Finance Director Cheryl Simpson requested the approval of Resolution No. 25 for a budgetary increase to the Community Development Block Grants Planning funds. Simpson said the increase of $2,000 ($1,000 for per diem, $1,000 for advertising) was needed to align with program requirements. The resolution was approved.

• Primrose requested the approval of the donation of an ambulance from the Forrest Fire Department to Quay Fire Department. Primrose said Forrest had received an ambulance from the City of Clovis. The donation was approved.

• The Commissioners approved the canceling of the March 26 regular meeting due to scheduling conflicts with the Commissioners and County Clerk’s Office. The Commission approved the payment of any bills that would have been presented at that meeting (Indigent Claims and Accounts Payable). Those bills would be reviewed and discussed at the April 9 regular meeting.


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