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Meetings watch - May 16


May 16, 2018

Tucumcari City Commission

At its Thursday meeting, the Tucumcari City Commission took the following actions:

• Hired the Smith Engineering Co. of Albuquerque for design and construction services related to water line improvements on Hancock Avenue from Dawson Street to Choctaw, and in an alley between Dawson and College streets from Hancock to near High Street. The engineering contract is worth nearly $35,000 including taxes. The total estimated cost of the project is more than $438,000. Funding will come from federal Community Development Block Grant funds, as well as federal and state environment protection agencies and the New Mexico Department of Financial Authority.

• Accepted a $33,270 grant from the New Mexico Department of Tourism to produce local tourism promotional materials through a marketing agency and link them to the department’s “New Mexico True” brand. City Manager Mark Martinez said this was the first time Tucumcari had applied for this grant.

• Accepted a reduced allocation from the New Mexico Non-Metro Agency on Aging to finance operations of the Tucumcari Senior Center. The total allowance for this year is $218,353, compared with $229,906 for last year. The reduction is due to a decrease in federal funding for senior programs, according to documents from the state agency. Senior Center Director Clara Rios said the reduced amount will not result in a reduction in senior center services.

• Approved an expenditure of $1,500 a year to place portable toilets at Five Mile Park near the beginning tees of the park’s disc golf course. The agreement followed discussion of placing portable toilets at other city parks and the city’s cemetery.

• Rejected a bid for construction on Second Street in downtown Tucumcari as higher than the project’s estimated cost, according to community development project manager Ralph Lopez.

• Hired Talon LPE of Amarillo, Texas, to drill a well at the city’s waste landfill to monitor groundwater quality at the landfill for abour $15,000.

At a public work session before Thursday’s meeting, the commission discussed a proposed “Rockin’ on Route 66” event, which District 4 Commissioner Robert Lumpkin presented to the commission.

A production firm called Hot Pan Productions from Atlanta, Ga., would handle promotions and events, including a custom car show and bands, Lumpkin said. As proposed, the first event would be held on the last weekend in June, 2019.

The firm has requested $23,500 in local Lodger’s Tax funds to pay for promotions, which would make it one of the largest Lodger’s Tax awards for promotions in many years.

The event would be similar in theme and entertainment to “Rockabilly on the Route,” which produced its final four-day event in Tucumcari in June 2017.

Lumpkin withdrew an item from Thursday’s agenda after commissioners requested more time to study the proposal.

Quay County Commission

At their May 14 regular meeting, Quay County commissioners took the following actions:

• Quay County Roads Superintendent Larry Moore told the County Commissioners the road department had received an additional $300,000 from the New Mexico Department of Transportation. The funds, were awarded to Quay County because of the road departments performance in completing projects on time.

“This shows the excellent work done by Larry and the employees of the road department,” said Franklin McCasland, commission chair.

• Presbyterian Medical Services Administrator Renee Hayoz updated the commissioners during the monthly Rural Primary Health Care Act report. Hayoz said in April the clinic treated 454 patients. There are two opening at the PMS clinic that are being advertised to fill.

• Quay County Chamber of Commerce Director Carmen Runyan requested the annual support from the county of $8,000 to fund the chambers activities in promoting the region. The amount was approved.

• Quay County Emergency Management Coordinator Daniel Zamora requested the approval of Resolution No. 28, the Hazard Mitigation Plan and the approval of the Memorandum of Agreement between the County and the Federal Emergency Management Agency for the integrated public alert and warning system. Zamora said the moa is part of the requirements in creating a warning, alert system to notify residents of a disaster or emergency by sirens and electronic communication. Both were approved.

• Quay County Finance Director Cheryl Simpson requested that three county vehicles be declared as obsolete in order for them to be sold in a public auction. Simpson requested the approval of the for $2,216 to be submitted for the county’s participation in the Eastern Plains Council of Government.

“The county benefits from the services offered through the EPCOG,” said Mike Cherry, District 2 Commissioner.

The commission approved the EPCOG submission and the listed the three vehicle as obsolete.

• Quay County Sheriff Russell Shafer updated the commissioners on the departments activities during a monthly report. During the report Shafer talked about the volume of semi-tractor truck travel on Quay Road AI (Airport Road).

“I have concerns about the weight restriction for the road, especially the bridge on that road,” Shafer said.

The commercial vehicle travel on QR AI has been an issue the commission has been trying to address for some time, said Sue Dowell, District 1 Commissioner.

“There is a weight limit sign posted, but one of the main problems is there is no way for a semi to turn around once on the road (if the driver knows the truck is over the limit),” Dowell said. “The road has been heavily damaged by the amount of commercial traffic.”

• The commission held a closed executive session to discuss pending or threatened litigation. No action was taken.


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