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Police department gets intercom system


July 18, 2018

A new intercom system has opened up the lobby of the Tucumcari Police Department to residents for evening and nighttime requests for service.

“Residents will no longer have to wait outside of the building while they wait to speak to an officer, report a crime,” said David Lathrom, Police Chief.

The lobby of TPD had been locked after 5 p.m., for more than three years because there was no direct way for a resident to speak to the dispatcher, said Jaime Lauders, dispatch director.

Lauders said after 5 p.m. there is no one to meet with a resident and relay the information to the dispatcher. The dispatcher also can not leave their station to enter the lobby to take the information, Lauders added.

“Residents would have to call from their cell phone or go to a phone to request assistance,” Lauders said. “The system eliminates that step and allows us to better serve the public.”

Lathrom said installing the intercom system was a matter of public access and safety. He said this was an issue he had to resolve once he was aware the exterior intercom was not working.

“I saw people walk up to the building, push the intercom button and thought they were talking with the dispatcher,” Lathrom said. “The residents should not have to wait out in the cold or heat when they are seeking help.”

Lathrom said the $850 intercom system came out of the department’s operation budget.


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