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Left, Right ... wrong; Time to reduce size, impact of government


March 6, 2019

Many New Mexicans are outraged because the state’s Democrats are about to pass the largest tax increase in the state’s history.

A news release from House Republicans reads:

“Democrats passed House Bill 6 which siphons over half a billion dollars from the wallets of New Mexico’s families to fund a Santa Fe agenda. House Bill 6 raises income taxes, car registration fees and tobacco taxes all of which are directly aimed at working families across New Mexico.”

All this at a time when the state has a surplus of more than $1 billion, thanks to a good run in the oil and gas business.

We should all be outraged, of course. But not just at New Mexico Democrats.

• In Washington, D.C., our Republican president wants to build a wall along the southern border. Unable to convince even a Republican Congress to give him the $5 billion it’s going to cost, Donald Trump has declared a “national emergency.” That declaration gives him access to money to build the wall without the blessing of either political party.

• Republicans and Democrats share equally the responsibility for the largest national debt in history. It’s more than $22 trillion now, and growing. Washington’s Dems and GOP can’t agree on how best to responsibly spend taxpayers’ money, so they’ve just agreed to fund everything anybody wants ... except for Trump’s wall.

• Back in New Mexico, lawmakers are days away from raising the minimum wage. This despite protests from the business community, which will be forced to respond with layoffs, higher prices and increased automation. Because we all love paying more at the self-checkouts. Even the lowest paid among us — including waiters and waitresses — have expressed concerns about their futures if lawmakers’ plans to “help” them are approved.

• Locally, government entities are protesting state and federal efforts to implement stricter gun laws. They have this idea that criminals don’t follow laws. New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham says our “rogue sheriffs” are “throwing a childish pity party.”

• Meanwhile, here’s what our rogue governor had to say about Trump’s declared national emergency: “The president’s absurd and dangerous declaration, a bald-faced end run around Congress and the basic tenets of our nation’s system of governance, will not stand.” Interesting. Especially considering how “absurd and dangerous” it is to believe stricter gun laws will keep guns away from criminals.

Alas, every government action seems to produce cheers and jeers.

Some people want taxpayer-funded entertainment. Some people want taxpayer money to supplement private business ventures. Some people want more laws, jails and border security.

Those who don’t want any of those things often have to pay for them anyway because that’s how government works — majority rules and one size fits all.

Here’s another idea for those among us who think the Right and the Left have both lost their way:

Less government, more individual responsibility.

— David Stevens,



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