Quay County 4-H holds achievement program


November 27, 2019

Quay County 4-H held its end-of-the-year achievement program Nov. 17 at the Quay County Fair Exhibit Center.

The C-C 4-H Club served as host club and chose the theme “4-H Glow Party.” 4-H clubs provided entertainment in the form of club skits and performances by Redneck Wonders and Macee Stone.

Quay County 4-H began the awards program by honoring those who help the program grow and succeed.

Honorary memberships were given to Paul Leonard, Richard Primrose, Bev Lake and Brenda Bishop.

Meritorious Service Awards were given to T-4 Cattle Co. and Screwbean Ranch.

Friend of 4-H award recipients were John Griffiths and Danny Estrada.

Volunteer of the Year went to AJ Smith.

County Leader of the Year went to Amber Black.

Club Leader of the Year went to Brad Bryant.

These Cloverbuds submitted Cloverbud record books. They received a gift bag of special items based on each year completed: First year: Emberly Box and Kolt Wood; second year: Kean Pendley and Cierra Urquizu; and third year: Aaron Tompkins and Macee Stone

4-H members fulfilling their requirements and adult leaders being recognized for one, five, 10, and 20 years of service by club were:

• C-C Club: Kale Griffiths (1), Kaitlyn Hall (2), Brandy Smith (2), Carter Smith (2), Mitchell Wall (2), Greyson Bollinger (4), Charmaynn Hall (4), Tylee Hill (4), Ashton Smith (4), Katelyn Moralez (5), Brookel Smith (5), Emmalee Elebario (6), Tate Hill (7), Garrett Bollinger (8), Kindal Smith (8), Addison Roch (CB1), Bethany Roch (CB1), Kolt Wood (CB1), Kean Pendley (CB2) and Hallie Garnett (CB3).

— C-C adult leaders: Kristen Griffiths (1), Kyle Griffiths (1), Dennis Roch (1), Rochelle Roch (1), Kayla Wood (1), Amy Smith (5), Clinton Smith (5), Erin Smith (5) and Matthew Smith (5).

• Roadrunners Club: Patric Szaloy (1), Savannah Urquizu (1), Lucia Benavidez (3), Aimee Ross (3), Gavin Tompkins (3), Elizabeth Urquizu (3), Paul Urquizu (3), Alex Garcia (7), Tianna Peterson (9), Andrew Rivali (1CB), Zelina Duggar (2CB), Cierra Urquizu (2CB), Bryce Duggar (3CB) and Aaron Tompkins (3CB).

• Roadrunners adult leaders: Charlene Benavidez (1), Leonard Lauriault (1), Lisa Lauriault (1), Amber Rivali (1), Joseph Rivali (1), Reagan Runyan (1), Carmen Runyan (5), Jordan Runyan (5), Fran Tollett (10), Gordan Runyan (20) and Joyce Runyan (20).

• Yuccas Club: Alexa Becerra (2), Tyler Becerra (2), Logan Lafferty (3), Rylan Montoya (3). Paxton Smith (3). Greysen Stoner (3), Chantzee Elliott (4), Karlee Elliott (4), Addie Lafferty (4), July Lafferty (4), Dacian Montoya (4), Kirksey Smith (4), Ace Whitson (4), Dustin Bryant (5), Bailey McEwen (5), Bailey Montoya (8) and Piper McEwen (CB2).

• Yucca parent leaders: Jaree Elliott (5), Steve Elliott (5), Heidi McEwen (5) and JD McEwen (5).

• Tumbleweeds Club: Vincent DeLuca (1), Gage Johnston (1), Grady Johnston (1), Gunner Johnston (1), Cera Lowe (1), Connor Moore (1), Angelo Scioli (1), Keira Black (2), Morgan Cribbs (2), Reese Hastie (2), Samanntha Lowe (2), Peyton Merrill (2), Aydin Kotara (3), Braeden Lightfoot (3), Mylee Stone (3), Cutter Hastie (4), Devin Kotara (4), Bryce Merrill (4), Payson Nials (4), Michael Oglesby (4), Ryan Fair (5), Jesse Leonard (5), Robert Evans (6), Tanlea Fair (6), Nick Black (7), Colten Leonard (7), Rilee Nials (7), Micah Lightfoot (7), Mackenzie Lightfoot (8), Lilly Nials (2CB) and Macee Stone (3CB).

— Tumbleweeds parent leaders: Justin Johnston (1), Eugenia Oglesby (1), Michael Oglesby (1), Sarah Scioli (1) and Marque Kotara (5).

• Wranglers 4-H Club: Ashlynn Box (1), Eli Clements (1), Bryson Klinger (1), Joseph Martinez (1), Brandon Gonzales (2), Elizabeth Kanapilly (2), Creed Owen (2), Jalee Snipes (2), MiKayla Klinger (3), Aubrey Oliver (3), Antonio Gonzales (4), Lanie Hammer (4), Dylan Owen (4), Kailey McKnight (6), Eli Oliver (6), Payton Oliver (6), Amber Owen (6), Jenna Lopez (7), Dyson Clark (8), Natalie Hayes (8), Amanda Kanapilly (8), Gares Lopez (8), Amber Rivera (9) and Emberly Box (1CB).

• Wranglers adult leaders: Jason Box (1): Marissa Box (1), Vicky Martinez (1), Connie Loveland (10), Dereck Owen (10), Andrea Clark (10) and Tim Clark (10).

Receiving Quay County 4-H letterman awards in 2019 were Gares Lopez and Jenna Lopez.

Greyson Bollinger was recognized for submitting his secretary notebook for the 2018-2019 year and received a plaque for Outstanding Secretary.

Ashton Smith was recognized for submitting her treasurer notebook for the 2018-2019 year and received a plaque for Outstanding Treasurer.

The I Dare You Award winners were Emmalee Elebario and Peyton Oliver.

These 4-Hers completed a detailed record book of activities, leadership, community service and expenses associated with their projects. Parents in another county judge these books, and those that qualify by points receive a project pin.

— Sport fishing: Michael Oglesby, Garrett Bollinger and Greyson Bollinger.

• Photography: Kale Griffiths, Lanie Hammer, Natalie Hayes, MiKayla Klinger and Tianna Peterson.

• Sewing: Cera Lowe, Samanntha Lowe, Savannah Urquizu, Lucia Benavidez, Aimee Ross, Elizabeth Urquizu, MiKayla Klinger and Ashton Smith.

• Welcome to New Mexico 4-H: Ashlynn Box, Bryson Klinger, Patric Szaloy and Savannah Urquizu.

• Shotgun: Greyson Bollinger, Garrett Bollinger, Tylee Hill and Tate Hill.

• Market Lamb: Greyson Bollinger and Garrett Bollinger.

• Vet Science: Ashton Smith and MiKayla Klinger.

• Wildlife: Michael Oglesby.

• Small Pets – Hamster: Brookel Smith and Brandy Smith.

• Poultry: MiKayla Klinger, Jenna Lopez, Ashton Smith and Carter Smith.

• Baking – Cakes: MiKayla Klinger, Brookel Smith and Brandy Smith.

• Baking 1 & 2: Ashlynn Box, Savannah Urquizu, Elizabeth Urquizu and Brandy Smith.

• Rifle: Greyson Bollinger, Garrett Bollinger, Ashlynn Box, Kale Griffiths, Natalie Hayes, MiKayla Klinger, Gares Lopez, Michael Oglesby and Tianna Peterson

• Braiding: Ashton Smith.

• Cake Decorating: Aimee Ross, Savannah Urquizu and Elizabeth Urquizu.

• Rabbit: Jenna Lopez.

• Market Beef: Charmaynn Hall.

• Welding: Charmaynn Hall and Kaitlyn Hall.

• Public Speaking: MiKayla Klinger.

• Archery: Brandon Gonzales, Charmaynn Hall, Kaitlyn Hall, Tate Hill, MiKayla Klinger, Michael Oglesby. Tianna Peterson, Aimee Ross, Ashton Smith, Carter Smith and Patric Szaloy.

• Pistol: Gares Lopez and Jenna Lopez.

• Origami: Aimee Ross, Savannah Urquizu and Elizabeth Urquizu.

• Entomology: Brookel Smith.

• NM Horse: Ashton Smith and Carter Smith.

• Market Goat: Mylee Stone and Kaitlyn Hall.

• Market Swine: Greyson Bollinger, Garrett Bollinger, Charmaynn Hall and Kaitlyn Hall.

• Woodworking: Kaitlyn Hall and Charmaynn Hall

The county selects achievement and Outstanding Awards by judging the books for overall accomplishments.

Achievement Awards were given to: first year: Cera Lowe and Bryson Klinger; novice: Brandon Gonzales and Aimee Ross; junior: Ashton Smith and Greyson Bollinger; and senior: Gares Lopez and Natalie Hayes.

Outstanding 4-Her of the Year is our greatest honor and were given to: first year: Savannah Urquizu and Patric Szaloy; novice: Brandy Smith and Carter Smith; junior: Tylee Hill and Michael Oglesby; and senior: Tianna Peterson and Tate Hill.

Outgoing officers were given a gift of appreciation: Jenna Lopez, president; Brookel Smith, vice president; Lucia Benavidez, secretary; Ashton Smith, treasurer; Aimee Ross, reporter; Nick Black, historian; Gavin Tompkins, song and recreation reader; and Brandy Smith, parliamentarian.

Incoming officers were installed and given their officer pin: Jenna Lopez, president; Natalie Hayes, vice president; Lucia Benavidez, secretary; Nick Black, treasurer; Aimee Ross, reporter; Gavin Tompkins, historian; Lanie Hammer, song and recreation leader; and Robert Evans, parliamentarian.


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