Letter to the editor - Oct. 21


October 21, 2020

Administration has done harm

The scientists have been telling us for some time what pollution by fossil fuels is going to do to our world. Global warming is here and growing faster than scientists predicted.

Fires in the west, floods in the east and it’s going to become more severe and frequent if we do nothing. Millions of people will be forced to go somewhere or die. This situation is planet threatening. The planet will be OK, but I’m not so sure about us. We have the knowledge but the political will?

Our current administration ignores or denies science at will. His requirement for any department head is to be loyal to Trump. This means over country, science, law etc.. The Trump administration has done immeasurable harm to our planet through neutering the Environmental Protection Agency. This has been accomplished with the acquiescence of the spineless Republican Senate. There are a large number of Republicans who totally disagree with Trump and his Republican supporters and are actively opposing them.

To save our world we have to vote out anyone that does not acknowledge the situation we are in.

Leon Logan



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