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February 3, 2021

On this date ...

1971: A Tucumcari man and a 12-year-old child were treated at Trigg Memorial Hospital after being wounded by at least one gunshot from a local man. The suspect was charged with aggravated battery after he being accused of shooting at their Jeep three miles northwest of Tucumcari with a high-powered rifle. A photo showed several holes in the vehicle’s windshield. A bullet hit the driver in his left shoulder and left a trail of blood at the hospital. The boy was treated and released for head wounds caused by shrapnel from a bullet. The shooting reportedly occurred after a disagreement when the man and boy were shooting bottles near the suspect’s property.

• Though Ben Munoz and Dr. McCausland were unopposed for their Tucumcari school board seats, local officials declared turnout for the election as “heavy,” with 652 voters casting a ballot.

• Dr. Thomas Prescott was elected chairman of the Quay County Republican Party after a local convention of the party’s faithful.

• A local grand jury issued five no bills and one indictment for unlawful assault with a deadly weapon. The suspect’s name in the one criminal charge wasn’t released because an arrest warrant hadn’t yet been served.


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