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Menus - March 10


March 10, 2021

The Tucumcari Senior Center and Logan Senior Center remain closed to the public indefinitely but will deliver meals to those who qualify. Those interested in meal deliveries should call the Tucumcari facility at 461-2307 and the Logan facility at 487-2287 for more information.

Tucumcari schools

Wednesday — Breakfast: Grape-filled crescent roll, fresh apple, apple juice; Lunch: Cheese pizza, garden salad, fat-free ranch dressing, fresh orange, chocolate skim milk.

Thursday — Breakfast: Chocolate chip ultimate breakfast round, fresh pear, orange juice, 1% milk; Lunch: Baby carrots, fresh broccoli, fat-free ranch dressing, applesauce cup.

Monday — No information available.

Tuesday — No information available.

Tucumcari Senior Center

Wednesday — Round steak, mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, broccoli, whole-wheat roll, vanilla pudding.

Thursday — Barbecued pork ribs, corn, broccoli, whole-wheat bread, diced pears.

Friday — Cheese pizza, marinara pasta, Brussels sprouts, mandarin orange.

Monday — Ham and beans, okra, cornbread, brownie.

Tuesday — Chicken and noodles, peas, dinner roll, fruit cocktail.

Logan schools

Wednesday — Breakfast: Breakfast burrito, cereal, milk, juice; Lunch: Frito pie, cold veggies, fruit, milk.

Thursday — Breakfast: Muffins, cereal, milk, juice; Lunch: Chicken nuggets, corn, mashed potatoes, hot roll.

Monday — Breakfast: Max sticks, cereal, milk, juice; Lunch: Pizza, green beans, breadsticks, fruit, milk.

Tuesday — Breakfast: Pancake bites, cereal, milk, juice; Lunch: Hamburgers, fries, garnish, fruit, milk.

Logan Senior Center

Wednesday — Spaghetti with sauce, corn, salad, garlic bread, Jell-O with fruit, whipped cream.

Thursday — Chili dog, onions, potato wedges, mixed veggies, cobbler.

Friday — Sour cream enchilada, Spanish rice, pinto beans, salsa, cookie, fruit cocktail.

Monday — Beef stroganoff, egg noodles, green beans, whole-wheat roll, apple.

Tuesday — Meatloaf with gravy, white rice, spinach salad with dressing, tomatoes, whole-wheat roll, applesauce.

San Jon schools

Wednesday — Breakfast: Cereal and muffin, fruit, juice, milk; Lunch: Frito pie, pinto beans, lettuce and tomato, fruit, milk.

Thursday — Breakfast: Sausage biscuit, fruit, juice, milk; Lunch: Pizza, sweet potato fries, mixed salad, fruit, milk.

Monday — Breakfast: Waffles, fruit, juice, milk; Lunch: Crispitos, ranch beans, carrots, fruit, milk.

Tuesday — Breakfast: Oatmeal and toast, fruit, juice, milk; Lunch: Hot dog, tater tots, blackeyed peas, fruit, milk.

House schools

Wednesday — Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, sausage, cereal, juice, peaches, milk; Lunch: Bean burrito, carrots, pineapple chunks, milk.

Thursday — Breakfast: Cinnamon rolls, cereal, yogurt, peaches, milk; Lunch: Beef and bean chalupas, rice, corn, peaches, milk.

Monday — Breakfast: Pancakes, cereal, pears, milk; Lunch: Meatloaf, potatoes au gratin, green beans, roll, pears, milk.

Tuesday — Breakfast: Breakfast pizza, yogurt, cereal, mandarin orange, milk; Lunch: Taco, mixed vegetables, rice, peaches, milk.


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