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Vandalism, thefts reported at ranch


May 12, 2021

Malicious vandalism and thefts were reported to at the Dennis Ranch off Highway 278 in Quay County.

Quay County sheriff’s deputy Larry Cooksey reported on Wednesday morning a ranch employee contacted him about the damage and thefts after owner Wade Whitson had left the day before to go to the northern part of the state.

The employee said person or persons had moved a pickup truck from a main building into a field at the back of the house, with the gas cap removed and engine left running. Another pickup truck was moved from a main building to fuel storage tanks with its fuel cap removed and left running. Two fuel hoses were left on the ground. An end loader also was started and moved behind a tree in a nearby field.

Another vehicle had been moved, and a three other vehicles had been ransacked and three firearms stolen from them. One of the vehicles also had an estimated $900 in cash stolen from it.

Cooksey stated in his report no suspects were identified, and the investigation continues.


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