By Ron Warnick
QCS Senior Writer 

City manager reveals city seal draft


June 16, 2021

Mark Martinez

This is a late-stage draft of the City of Tucumcari's new official seal, designed by Leighton Moon of Alamogordo.

Tucumcari's city manager revealed to the Lodgers Tax Advisory Board during its meeting last week a late-stage draft of a new official city seal that likely will be implemented next month.

The city seal is being designed by Leighton Moon, the same Alamogordo firm that designed the city's tourism logo late last year.

City Manager Mark Martinez said the seal, which he showed to board members from a laptop computer during their regular meeting Wednesday, eventually will be incorporated into city stationary and other official documents.

In addition, the tourism logo will be incorporated into city stationary, which Leighton Moon also is designing.

The intricate design of the seal is designed to make it difficult to make counterfeit city documents, Martinez said after the meeting.

Martinez said the seal incorporates some of the same elements as the tourism logo, including its lettering style and western-rope and railroad-track outlines, and the design "fits the overall theme" of the tourism logo.

The seal includes "City of Tucumcari, New Mexico," mentions in smaller type the city's previous names - Ragtown, Douglas and Six Shooter Siding - and incorporates a former tourism logo, "Where legends begin."

The image in the center is an aerial view of the city with Tucumcari Mountain prominently in the background and the historic railroad depot in the foreground.

The "1901" part of the logo - the approximate date the city was founded - is flanked by two yucca plants.

Martinez also told the board the city's main website and tourism site would be updated and relaunched sometime in July.

He also said the domain of is available, and the city likely would acquire it and are investigating also acquiring He said the domain, however, is too expensive for now.


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