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1971: A blue-ribbon committee of educators, lawyers and businessmen said society should continue its attempts to deter marijuana uses but recommended the drug be legalized for adults, according to a United Press International report.

"Criminalization has failed. We suggest that society now try non-criminalization," said the San Francisco Committee on Crime, which previously advocated condoning such "non-victim" crimes such as prostitution, gambling and homosexuality.

Fifty years later this month, the state of New Mexico joined 17 other states in decriminalizing marijuana, and legal sales of the substance are scheduled to begin early next year.

• Three San Jon residents were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana of less than one ounce. They each posted $1,000 bond and released from custody. The arrests were made by the Quay County Sheriff's Office and Tucumcari Police, with assistance from the Curry County Sheriff's Office.

• The local Safeway market advertised beef roast at 98 cents a pound, ground beef for 63 cents a pound, sliced bacon for 79 cents a pound and cooked ham for 39 cents a pound.

• The Odeon Theatre was screening "Cold Turkey," a satirical comedy starring Dick Van Dyke and Bob Newhart.

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