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Health Council receives videoconferencing grant

The Quay County Health Council recently received a $3,000 grant from the Union Pacific Community Ties Giving Program to help it upgrade its videoconferencing technology.

Health council coordinator Brenda Bishop stated in an email the organization will use the money to buy an Owl Labs videoconferencing system and projector so meeting attendees can see presentations with the room’s lights on. The grant also will be used to buy a new sound system.

“This makes the hybrid meeting better on both ends,” she stated.

A news release from the council stated the grant “will help them reach new audiences and help them be better connected and represented in an equitable manner no matter where they live.”

The Union Pacific grant program’s mission is to “build safe, prosperous, vibrant, and inclusive communities by investing in high-quality nonprofits and programs in the cities and towns where they operate, and their employees live and work.”

The news release also stated the health council “plans to actively pursue building relationships with the smaller communities in Quay County and provide them with an avenue to voice their concerns regarding health issues with the goal to build equitable opportunities for access to health care.”

Anyone or any organization that would like to partner with the health council should contact it by calling (575) 815-4575 or emailing [email protected].