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February 1, 2023

On this date ...

1973: The Tucumcari Draw Watershed project, aka Tucumcari Lake, that hit a snag and seemingly was at a standstill appears to be on the go again.

Howard Shanks, conservationist with the soil conservation office in Tucumcari, reports this is what a recent meeting with the Bureau of Sports Fisheries and Wildlife, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and Environmental Agency indicates.

Shanks said the meeting detailed changes in the plan, and the agencies likely wound endorse it. Among the changes was an additional flood retention structure to reduce runoff and flooding from a nearby feedlot.

— Six Quay County youths received practice calf heads from Abel Aragon to practice their roping skills after their performance during the Cowboy Club’s “Kids Night” rodeo last summer. Winning the heads were Lynn Plummer, Lee Plummer, Roy Bill Plummer, LaDawn Primrose, Allen Truelock and Buster Shook.

— The New Mexico Seedmen’s Association was scheduled to hold its annual convention today at the Holiday Inn in Tucumcari. Two of the speakers were from the New Mexico Department of Agriculture.

— The Odeon Theatre was showing “Butterflies Are Free,” a comedy-drama starring Goldie Hawn, Eileen Heckart and Edward Albert; and “Ulzana’s Raid,” a western starring Burt Lancaster.


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