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About Quay County Sun

The Quay County Sun, The Eastern New Mexico News, My Eastern New Mexico PLUS and Cannon Connections are owned by Clovis Media Inc. The company, which purchased the papers in January 2012 from a group previously known as Freedom Newspapers of New Mexico, has offices in Clovis, Portales and Tucumcari.

Quay County Sun

Tucumcari's newspapers date to 1902 and number at least 14. But the Quay County Sun didn't launch its weekly product until Nov. 2, 1975. That's when Santa Rosa's Ron Doyle began publishing competition for the Tucumcari Daily News, which started in 1921.

By 1979, the Daily News was out of business and the Sun — named in honor of the Tucumcari Sun (published from 1907 to 1921) — became the county's primary news source. Portales News-Tribune Publishing Co., bought the Quay County Sun in the late 1970s or early '80s, Stinnett family members said.

Southern Newspapers purchased the Sun at the same time it bought PNT in 1981, and then Freedom bought the Quay and PNT papers in 1997.

The Eastern New Mexico News

The News was first published on Nov. 20, 2016. It is the merging and continuation of the Clovis News Journal and Portales News-Tribune and their proceeding publications. It continues to maintain its main offices in Clovis and has a bureau open in Portales.

Clovis News Journal

The Clovis News first published in May 1907. Founder Arthur Curren said the newspaper office at 113 W. Grand was the third "complete business house" in the city's history, joining the Dolly Yossett restaurant and Doc Jenkins' Turf Saloon. By 1909, the News had competition, primarily from the Clovis Journal, founded by future New Mexico Gov. Thomas J. Mabry.

As the city's population steadily increased, from 3,255 in 1910 to nearly 8,000 the next two decades, the News and Journal competed for news and advertisers. In 1929, Mack Stanton of Tennessee purchased both papers and merged them into the Clovis Evening News-Journal.

Then on Dec. 2, 1935, Freedom Newspapers founders R.C. Hoiles and C.H. Hoiles of Santa Ana, Calif., announced they had purchased the Evening News-Journal from Stanton. In more than 76 years under Freedom's umbrella, the paper evolved into the Clovis News Journal, losing its hyphen in 1990, and changing publication cycle from afternoon to morning in 2002.

Portales News-Tribune

The first Portales newspaper, The Progress, began weekly publication on Aug. 1, 1901. The Portales Herald followed in 1902, just before the Portales Times launched and eventually merged with the Herald.

Other early day Portales newspapers included the Portales Journal and the Portales Valley News — grandparents of today's Portales News-Tribune. J.G. Greaves, who worked on newspapers throughout the Southwest, bought the Journal and Valley News in 1920 and began publishing the Valley News weekly.

In 1935, the Valley News became a daily with a new name — Portales Daily News. In 1945, Greaves sold the paper to his son, Gordon Greaves, and son-in-law M.M. Stinnett. Then in 1957, the Daily News merged with its competition, The Tribune, which started in 1935. The families of Greaves, Stinnett and Earl Stratton began operating the paper they called the Portales News-Tribune.

Southern Newspapers Inc. of Houston purchased the paper from the families in 1981 and operated it until Freedom Newspapers of New Mexico bought it in 1997. The News-Tribune changed to a morning publication cycle when Clovis did in 2002.

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