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  • Governor edicts aren't helpful in combating virus

    David Stevens - Staff|May 20, 2020

    A few thoughts on the pandemic, the state’s latest directives, and being responsible for ourselves: • The governor last week announced she’s relaxing more of her public health orders aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19. Most retail businesses can open again, with limits on capacity. Also, the governor says everybody has to wear a mask in public unless they’re eating, drinking or exercising. To be clear, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s one-size-fits-all commandments have been irresponsible and devastating to small business owners who may n...

  • Governor needs to reconsider business closings

    David Stevens - Staff|Apr 15, 2020

    These are extraordinary times. They call for extraordinary measures. But let’s not give up our liberty — especially when government’s “help” in trying to save us from ourselves doesn’t make any sense and won’t prove helpful. Recent executive orders from New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham are undoubtedly intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But they are not all well-reasoned and won’t stand up to scrutiny when this is over. Take for example the governor’s list of “non-essential” businesses that must close until the virus is under cont...

  • Information key to overcoming the coronavirus

    David Stevens - Staff|Apr 8, 2020

    We can probably all agree hand washing and social distancing are key to preventing the spread of COVID-19. But there’s another safety component some officials around the state seem to not understand: Information should be shared, especially information that might help us avoid infection. New Mexico health officials are telling us daily the number of positive tests by county. Sometimes we’re told approximately how old the patient is and whether they are hospitalized, especially if they die. That helps keep the topic in the news, but it’s not m...

  • 'Red flag' law won't make us any safer

    David Stevens - Staff|Feb 5, 2020

    Some New Mexico lawmakers are supporting a proposed “red flag” law they hope will protect us from crazy people. No, thank you. The idea that government can protect us from anything is crazy enough. Senate Bill 5 — which is being debated in the Legislature this month — would allow law enforcement to obtain a court order to take guns from people who might be dangerous. It would allow close acquaintances and law enforcement to seek a court order to temporarily take weapons and ammunition from somebody making violent threats. “It would secure ou...

  • When Tucumcari hosted a celebrity bowler

    David Stevens - Staff|Jan 22, 2020

    Temperatures hovered near zero. Visibility was about the same. Actor Jimmy Stewart was flying the first plane he’d ever owned from Kansas City to Los Angeles when he had to set it down at Tucumcari. “Clouds and snow and fog and ice,” Stewart told reporters when asked why his flight was delayed. Tucumcari is a good place to sit and wait for celebrities, thanks mostly to its location along historic Route 66. Paul McCartney, William Shatner, Red Skelton, Danny Thomas and Morgan Freeman are just a few spotted on the Mother Road through the years...

  • Whatever happened to that airline?

    David Stevens - Staff|Nov 20, 2019

    Carol Nash has a question. The Clovis woman perhaps best known as the pronouncer at local spelling bees for years is also the granddaughter of a Quay County newspaper publisher and a regional history fanatic. She wants to know which area communities still have evidence they were once part of a Los Angeles-to-New York aerial mail service that planned to establish itself in 1920. She has reason to believe San Jon had a landing field associated with the National Air Lines Association project....