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  • End-times ideas have consequences

    Gordon Runyan - Religion columnist|May 19, 2021

    “OK, men. Today’s the last game of the season, and we’re about to take the field against the Canaan Giants. Now, these guys are huge. They’re faster, stronger and tougher than we are, and it’s not even close. We’ll try hard, but let’s be honest. We’re about to go get our lunches handed to us. We simply haven’t been given what it would take for us to win this. We’re not even supposed to win. But take heart: There’s a state-of-the-art ambulance waiting to rush you to the emergency room when you get injured. (And you will get injured.) Our vic...

  • Runyan: Question remains for who you believe and why

    Gordon Runyan - Religion columnist|Jun 17, 2020

    I avoid big words. They draw attention to themselves, like politicians. However, like politicians, they are a necessary evil. Today’s needed big word is “epistemology.” It means the study of knowledge itself. How do we know what we know? At the beginning of the COVID-19 event, I told my congregation that this was going to test our epistemology. Months later, that’s been confirmed. To a large extent, what you believe about the coronavirus is a function of your own estimation about where truth comes from. Are the experts telling you the truth? Ar...