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Let's be thankful for mothers

Things my mom actually did in her adventurous life ...

  • Sewed shirts from a pattern.
  • Invented the dookie bar.
  • Changed irrigation tubes from a Chevy station wagon.
  • Shot a bull snake out of our treehouse with a .22 rifle.
  • Learned to cut her children's hair herself.
  • Drove a school bus full of noisy children.
  • Operated a country store and café.
  • Operated a concession stand at the local stock car races.
  • Fried chicken every day for dinner (noon meal).
  • Always had enough on the table no matter how many sat down.
  • Figured her husband's fortunes by the ton on a one-arm bandit calculator.
  • Lodged freezing newborn pigs in the mudroom of her house.
  • Put up with nightly football in her front yard from August to


  • Read to her children when they were little.
  • Showed up at more baseball games than any other irrigating momma.
  • Laughed 'til she cried the night the Chihuahua ate me in Vetville.
  • Raised three toe-headed kids that turned out alright.

Things for which I should thank my mom ...

  • Only making my shirts until the third grade.
  • Helping us recapture and adapt the dookie bar recipe years later.
  • Having dad save me when all she could see was my hat floating in the ditch.
  • Not shooting my dad when he finally arrived to shoot the snake.
  • Teaching me to earn my own money and buy my own haircut.
  • Letting us on and off at our bus stop instead of riding her whole route.
  • Only operating a store and café for one summer.
  • Getting us into the stock car races every week for free.
  • Finally quitting the fried chicken lunches.
  • Never getting excited when we brought a friend home for supper.
  • Keeping track of her job and the family business bookkeeping.
  • Not leaving any creature out in tough elements.
  • Not running us off her mistreated lawn like other mothers.
  • Inspiring me to read and eventually to write.
  • Showing us she cared by being there for everything.
  • A decade of running paper routes with her children.
  • Being a very understanding and loving mother.

Karl Terry, a former publisher of the Quay County Sun, writes for Clovis Media Inc. Contact him at:

[email protected]