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Cowboy storytelling

Poets and singers honoring the cowboy tradition and heritage helped to raise money for a local museum.

"It's about the camaraderie," said Bill Crenshaw, poet. "People of a kindred spirit coming together to help a cause."

QCS photo: Thomas Garcia

Bill Crenshaw shares a cowboy theme story with the residents who attended the Cowboy Poetry Jamboree at the Tucumcari Historical Museum Saturday.

Crenshaw was one of the performers at the Cowboy Poetry Jamboree held on Saturday to benefit the Tucumcari Historical Museum's Research Institute.

"The turnout was OK, and the weather kind of worked against us there towards the end," said Jimmie Jester, event coordinator.

Jester said as the storm moved in, the crowd gathered inside the museum and told snake stories.

"It was a good turnout," Jester said. "We're going to work and plan on making next year even better."

The performers that come to these events and entertain the crowds are very dedicated to their profession, said Duane Moore, institute chair.

Crenshaw, a resident of Happy, Texas, said he and the other performers are celebrating and honoring the cowboy heritage through their own medium. He said his inspirations come from being raised on a ranch between Matador and Turkey, Texas.

"It's tales and songs of experience," Crenshaw said. "We are relating our life's stories, to those who have experienced a similar lifestyle."

Crenshaw said he has been writing poetry for 25 years and performing in public for 15 years.

"There is something special about getting together with friends and sharing your stories," Crenshaw said.

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