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Editorial:Email dump latest evidence of D.C. quid pro quo

Fresh on the heels of emails that showed Democratic National Committee bosses discussing ways to sabotage the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders come new emails that show donors to the Clinton Foundation had a special in with the State Department under then-Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Sad, but hardly surprising — and completely in character with the Clinton machine.

The latest email release shows:

• A foundation staffer telling a State Department staffer it was “important to take care of” an individual and the State staffer replying “personnel has been sending him options.”

• A foundation staffer telling two State Department staffers to put a billionaire donor in touch with a “substance person” in his country. Yes, Clinton’s minions selling State Department access in return for supporting the foundation that has helped to enrich the Clintons beyond their wildest of dreams.

Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group that recently obtained the emails through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed against the State Department in 2015, says it would “seem in violation of the ethics agreements that Hillary Clinton agreed to in order to be appointed and confirmed as Secretary of State.”

The Republican Party has called it a “pay-for-play” scheme.

Some Americans may be sick and tired of the scandal involving Clinton emails dragging on and on — Sanders once said the “American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails,” a tactic that may well have cost him the nomination. But it has dragged on thanks to the Justice Department under Barack Obama dragging its feet on releasing them to the public or alternately prosecuting Clinton for her use of a private email server for classified documents.

This latest dump of heavily redacted emails should leave no doubt now that a sick political quid pro quo is alive and well in D.C.

It’s no wonder Clinton had her attorneys delete and remove all traces of some 30,000 other emails. This latest dump makes it clear some of those deleted emails dealt with matters completely unrelated to innocuous topics like yoga pants or her daughter’s wedding.

For those keeping track of the number of lies, add another notch. For those who have quit trying to tally, just take note.

— Albuquerque Journal