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Poets, musicians meet for Cowboy Gathering


September 28, 2016


QCS Senior Writer

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Nara Visa was the venue for more than 20 poets and musicians taking part in the annual Cowboy Gathering last weekend.

“Do you always do right from wrong, do you always help you neighbor,” were a few of the verses from the poem “Cowboy like you” performed at the Nara Visa Community Center by poet Lavern “Straw” Berry, of Cordell Oklahoma.

Berry was one of the performing acts who took the stage Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Nara Visa School Community Center.

Berry said the poem spoke about the example cowboys need to set for today’s youth. He said cowboys are portrayed to the youth in various mediums as the good guys.

“As cowboys, we need to remember the example we set by our actions,” Berry said. “Many children growing up in the city are influenced by the way we conduct ourselves.”

Berry said this is his sixth year attending the Cowboy Gathering. He said each year he enjoys returning to the event for the camaraderie with fellow poets and musicians and entertaining the crowd.

Another facet of Western lifestyle enjoyed during the gathering was the authentic chuckwagon meals.

Operated by Rhett Cauble and his family, the chuckwagon served breakfasts, lunches and dinners cooked in Dutch ovens over a campfire.

“We have cooked for this event for several years and enjoy coming back to Nara Visa,” said Susie Cauble.

On Saturday more than 100 people lined up for a steak dinner.


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