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By Thomas Garcia
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Residents vote to retain City Commissioners


June 14, 2017

Thomas Garcia

City Clerk Angelica Gray, left, reads the results of Tuesday's recall election while commissioners, left, Ruth Ann Litchfield and Amy Gutierrez stand together.

Three city commissioners will retain their seats on the Tucumcari City Commission following a special recall election Tuesday.

Tucumcari residents voted in favor of retaining Ralph Moya (District 1), Amy Gutierrez (District 2) and Mayor Ruth Ann-Litfield (District 3) as city commissioners, according to Angelica Gray, city clerk.

"I want to thank all the residents who came out, voted and supported me," Moya said Tuesday, adding that the recall election was uncalled for and divided the community.

He said the only way Tucumcari can improve is for residents to stop fighting each other and work together to move forward.

"I will not allow anyone to intimidate me to try and influence my decision as a commissioner," Moya said. "I work with the other commissioners for the greater good of the city."

Gutierrez said the community showed a lot of support by coming out and voting in favor of the commissioners.

"I truly appreciate the voters support," Gutierrez said. "They (voters) recognize that we (commissioners) are working hard to improve the city."

Litchfield said the main thing that needs to happen is to put the ordeal behind them and "get back to work."

"I appreciate all of the phone calls from my constituents and residents of other districts," Litchfield said. "We don't need to dwell on this issue, we need to move past it and get to work on moving Tucumcari forward."

Moya, Gutierrez and Litchfield were all up for recall due to a petition started by Tucumcari resident Keith Hayes.

"I appreciate all those who came out to vote and (I) congratulate the commissioners on their victory," Hayes said, adding that he hopes this will help the commission to govern Tucumcari the way it should be, working on viable issues, not cosmetic ones. Although Hayes cited his reason for starting the petitions as commissioners not putting the needs of residents first, he has battled commissioners regarding being fined for his business property being unkempt.

The following are unofficial results for the 2017 city commission District 1, 2 and 3 recall election:

Early Voting (84 total votes)

District 1 Moya

For 3

Against 26

District 2 Gutierrez

For 7

Against 19

District 3 Litchfield

For 6

Against 84

Early/Absentee Voting (89 total votes)

District 1 Moya

For: 3

Against: 27

District 2 Gutierrez

For: 7

Against: 20

District 3 Litchfield

For: 6

Against: 26

Election Day

District 1 Moya

For: 18

Against: 37

District 2 Gutierrez

For: 27

Against: 27

District 3 Litchfield

For: 13

Against: 36

Total voters: 247


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