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Letter to the Editor: Republican party gives much to wonder about


When the president lies consistently — 500-plus times and counting since assuming office — disgraces the office, does not believe in science, denigrates the justice system, ignores the nation’s intelligence system and is meekly, if at all, challenged by his party, it makes you wonder about his party.

Republicans believe in right to life but not Planned Parenthood, which is the only health care available to thousands of low-income women, or health care.

The Affordable Care Act has given health care to millions of citizens that never had it. Republicans have been lying about the ACA for seven-plus years. The ACA has problems that could easily be corrected by bipartisan legislation. Contrary to Republican lies, it has been successful.

The Republican plans presented so far are tax-cut plans not health care. Their tax cuts for the rich are made possible by denying health care to 20 plus million and drastically cutting back Medicaid, which primarily benefits the elderly and disabled.

The ACA is not going to implode, Trump and Republicans are going to hasten its demise by every means possible. The Republicans cannot come up with a health care plan that is cheaper, better and covers more people without going to a single payer. Can you imagine that.

Denying global warming is man made and failing to address it to placate the status quo is beyond a doubt the most traitorous thing to our world that could be committed. One of our political parties is doing just that.

The Republicans are searching for ways to prevent a lot of “those people” from voting. They have set up a Presidential Advisory Commission on elections. They won’t investigate old voting machines, closing precincts or restricting absentee voting — only the often proven non-existent voter fraud.

Leon Logan



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