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By Rube Render

Questions seem to follow Strzok


December 13, 2017

Hillary Clinton found herself in trouble when it became known that she chose to use an unsecured server to transmit and receive classified information while she was secretary of state, rather than the normal secure system provided to cabinet secretaries. This is a violation of law.

Donald Trump came under scrutiny when it became clear to one and all that he would win the Republican nomination for president of the United States. This is not a violation of law, but it served to scare the bejeebers out of the Democrats, so they decided that Trump was colluding with the Russians to steal the election.

The FBI began its investigation into the Clinton email server and it became clear that a violation had occurred. FBI Director James Comey noted in his early report that Clinton had been “grossly negligent” in her behavior.

At some point Barack Obama went on national television and informed the public that no violation had occurred because Hillary “did not intend to harm the United States.” Although the president was incorrect in his proclamation, his desire was clear and the Comey report was changed to reflect that Clinton was “extremely careless” in her behavior.

The FBI agent who oversaw the Clinton email story was Peter Strzok. It was Strzok who interviewed Clinton confidants Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills and arranged for their amnesty. It was also Strzok who changed Comey’s “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless.”

Once having handled the Clinton email problem so expeditiously Strzok was assigned to the Trump-Russia collusion case. This case is largely based on the so-called “Trump” or “Steele” dossier, a mostly unsubstantiated opposition report paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Strzok was instrumental in interviewing Trump’s national security advisor, Gen. Michael Flynn, that resulted in Flynn’s guilty plea for lying to the FBI.

The latest chapter in the Strzok saga ends with Strzok being removed from the Russia probe because he sent emails to a woman that declared how much he hated Trump.

To re-cap, Special Counsel Robert Mueller named Strzok to his Russia probe team after Strzok had cleared Clinton of any charges for using an unsecured server that housed classified information, and after he arranged amnesty for Abedin and Mills and after Strzok had changed the Comey report from grossly negligent to extremely careless. Then Mueller fired him for sending emails?

Question from a former U.S. intelligence official: “How logical is it that Flynn is being charged for lying to an agent whose character and neutrality was called into question by the special counsel?”

That’s my question.

Rube Render is the Curry County Republican chairman. Contact him at:

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