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By Rube Render

Blessings, peace for coming new year


December 27, 2017

It’s Christmas again, and it’s time for my poem,

So I’m not at my office, I’m sitting at home,

And scratching my head for something to write

On this wintery, pre-Christmas night.

At Christmas this year on New Mexico’s Plain,

We had a dusting of snow but not any rain.

I really enjoy a light dusting of snow,

But not like Goliath from two years ago.

For the last several years there’s never a doubt,

That a new Star Wars movie will be coming out.

This causes a need to gather the clan,

To watch it together, it takes quite a plan.

Cause Pauline’s at Tech and the kids are in school,

And Pat can’t get off right now, that’s a rule.

And we’re here in Clovis, my gosh what a mess,

But we worked it all out and “Voila, a success.”

“A Christmas Story” has played on TV,

For 24 hours to make sure we all see,

If Ralphie works out a way to get rid

Of the dreaded, “You’ll shoot your eye out kid.”

The trees are all trimmed and the lights are aglow

The presents are wrapped with ribbon and bow.

I think that’s my gift in that very large box,

It’s most very likely underwear and sox.

The year brought us sadness in New Mexico too,

At the library, in Portales and again near the zoo.

So please take a moment to whisper a prayer,

For those who are suffering, because we do care.

We should all remember that before Christmas ends,

To call or go see those we call friends.

Cause if you can count them all on one hand,

You’re richer by far than you understand.

Now then, blessings and peace for the coming new year,

On your family and friends and all you hold dear.

Thank you for reading this Christmas rhyme,

And for reading my column the rest of the time.

Rube Render is the Curry County Republican chairman. Contact him at:

[email protected]


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