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By Thomas Garcia
Staff writer 

Resigned Logan mayor wins back seat


March 14, 2018

Just over a year after resigning as the Village of Logan mayor, David Babb defeated TJ Smith in the mayoral race in the March 6 Municipal Election.

Quay County Magistrate Judge TJ O’Quin certified the election results March 7 at the Village Office. Babb took 175 votes to Smith’s 170.

“I think the election shows that we are a community that is divided,” said Smith. “I wish those that got elected well as they continue to work towards the things that are for the best for the Village of Logan.”

Smith said he appreciated all the residents who took part in the election. He said the numbers that turned out showed there are members of the community who care about the village’s future.

Babb’s resignation in February 2017, was connected to the state’s ongoing investigation into John Harley.

Harley has five open cases in the 10th Judicial District Court with multiple misdemeanor charges of Violation of Liquefied Petroleum Gases and Compressed Natural Gases Act, working as an uncertified journeyman and contracting without a license.

Harley’s charges stem from his illegal installation of heaters in Quay County. Babb’s connection, as a licensed electrician, is alleged to have given Harley the heaters for the installations.

In Babb's resignation letter he stated: “To avoid any further concerns by village residents about whether it is appropriate for me to continue in my position as mayor, I have decided to resign as mayor effective immediately.”

Babb entered in a plea agreement on April 25, 2016, in the 10th Judicial District Court to the charge of Violation of Liquefied Petroleum Gases and Compressed Natural Gases Act. Babb plead guilty and has since met all the obligations of his plea agreement.

David E. Shivers defeated interim Mayor Russell Feerer for the two-year term as Village Council Position 2.

“I would like to thank all those who voted for me,” Shivers said. “Their votes show they have confidence in my ability to serve them and help Logan prosper.”

Shivers said he wants to encourage the public’s participation, the only way to know what concerns, ideas the residents have is for them to be involved.

“I would like to thank Russell Feerer for all of his years of service,” Shivers said. “The former council members have served this community with dedication,” Shivers said.

Feerer could not be reached for comment.

Barry Bass defeated Larry Wallin in the race for Village Council Position 3.

"I want people to know, I did not put my name in the hat to beat anyone, I ran to give people a choice," Bass said.

Bass said he wants to work with the community to improve the Village of Logan. He said the community needs to continue to be involved and attend future council meetings.

"It takes a entire community to run the village, not just members of a council," Bass said. "I want to thank those who voted to me, I will do my best to uphold the trust they have given me. I will work hard to earn the trust of those who did not vote for me so we can work together for the future of Logan."

“I want to thank those who came out to support me during the elction,” Wallin said. “I wish the best for the new council members who were elected. I hope together they can work for a bright future for the Village of Logan.”


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