By Thomas Garcia
Staff writer 

Logan High School graduates 12


May 30, 2018

Thomas Garcia

The graduates toss their caps in the air to celebrate the beginning of the next chapter of their lives to conclude Saturday's commencement ceremony at Logan High School.

Family and friends gathered for the commencement ceremony celebrating the graduation of 12 students Saturday at Logan High School.

"Don't worry about the things you cant change, you will do nothing but waste energy," said Trevellion Rinestine, valedictorian.

Rinestine said graduates should also not worry about the things they can change, instead they need to work to change the things they can. He said only by taking action can one shape their life and future.

"We have the potential to make a difference, to have a real impact on not only our future but everyone's life," said Hayden Inge, Salutatorian.

Inge said while the graduates are looking ahead, they must remember to look back and thank all of those who have helped them get to where they are today.

"To use the word support would be an understatement," Inge said. "The support from our families, friends and teachers at Logan High School has shaped us into who we are today."

Inge said the graduates will look back on high school for the fond memories they have shared. He said but most importantly they will look back on high school as the building block on which their futures are built.

"In a way, it was anti-climatic," said Cambry Lujan, 2018 LHS graduate.

Lujan said as graduation approached she was filled with a sense of excitement. She said as the date got closer she was filled with a nervous anticipation.

"I've been waiting all this time and in a blink the ceremony was over and I'm a graduate," Lujan said.


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