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By Thomas Garcia
Staff writer 

Incumbents score easy wins


Thomas Garcia

Candidates and residents listen as Quay County Clerk Ellen White, right, reads off the elections totals for Logan during the June 5 Primary Election in Quay County.

There weren't many contested races during Tuesday's Quay County primaries. The ones that were, weren't all that close.

Incumbents Franklin McCasland and Timothy O'Quinn scored easy victories in their Republican primary races, with results declared official after Friday's canvassing. Neither winner faces general election opposition.

McCasland took the primary nod for Quay County Commission District 3 with 563 votes to Bryan Rinestine's 400.

"It was a good clean race and the people made their choice," Rinestine said.

Rinestine said he appreciated the support from the voters during this primary election. He said McCasland will do a fine job of representing the residents.

"I want to thank the voters for trusting in me to serve as their commissioner," McCasland said. "I want to thank Bryan for running a good, clean race. I look forward to serving the residents for the next four years to the best of my ability."

Quinn took the magistrate judge nomination with 588 votes, more than Paula Chacon (220) and Patricia Lopez (171) combined.

"I want to thank the voters for getting out to cast their ballot and show me support," Chacon said. "I want to congratulate Judge O'Quinn on the victory."

Lopez said she enjoyed meeting with the residents of the rural communities of Logan, San Jon and Nara Visa. She said she wanted to make sure that the entire county had a chance to meet her as she campaigned to be their judge.

"I appreciate the support of the residents who cast their vote for me," Lopez said.

Attempts to contact O'Quinn were unsuccessful at press time.

There will be a general election race for sheriff, as Russell Shafer and Reyes Gonzales took the Republican and Democratic nominations, respectively.

Janie Hoffman, running for county assessor, and Nelda Burson, running for probate judge, ran unopposed in the Democratic primary.

Six provisional ballots were submitted on election day, with four meeting the criteria to be counted, County Clerk Ellen White said.

White said some voters were unaware their registrations were altered to decline a party preference.

"These residents' parties were changed while they were renewing their license at the Motor Vehicle Department," White said. "The Secretary of State is aware of this situation and has reported it is an issue that impacted voters across the state."

All four provisional ballots were approved by the Quay County Commission.

Voter turnout was highest among Republicans at 41 percent (996 of 2,419 eligible), followed by Democrats at 24 percent (582 of 2,395) and Libertarians at 8 percent (2 of 25). The Libertarian ballot had no candidates for local races and only unopposed or write-in candidates at the state level.

The following are the results from Tuesday's primary:

Democrat Ballot

United States Senator

• Martin T. Heinrich 441

United States Representative

• Ben R. Lujan 484


• Michelle Lujan Grisham 306

• Jeff Apodaca 123

• Joseph Cervantes 117

Lieutenant Governor

• Howie C. Morales 210

• Rick S. Miera 122

• Billy G. Garret 193

Secretary of State

• Maggie Toulouse Oliver 452

State Auditor

• Bill McCamley 216

• Brian Colon 287

State Treasurer

• Tim Eichenberg 442

Attorney General

• Hector Balderas 466

Commissioner of Public Lands

• Stephanie Garcia Richard 241

• Garrett O Veneklasen 110

• George K. Munoz 173

State Representative

• Mark D. McDonald 440

Public Regulations Commissioner

• Kevin J. Sanders 431

Judge of the Court of Appeals Position 1

• Kristina Bogardus 429

Judge of the Court of Appeals Position 2

• Jacqueline R. Medina 425

Judge of the Court of Appeals Position 3

• Briana Zamora 430

Judge of the Court of Appeals Position 4

• Megan P. Duffy 420

Judge of the Court of Appeals Position 5

• Jennifer L. Attrep 406

County Assessor

Janie L. Hoffman 486

County Sheriff

• Reyes Gonzales 461

Probate Judge

• Nelda A. Burson 469

Republican Ballot

United States Senator

• Mick Rich 729

United States Representative

• Jerald Steve McFall 707


• Steve Pearce 791

Lieutenant Governor

• Michelle Garcia Holmes 711

Secretary of State

• Johana Cox 698

State Auditor

• Wayne A. Johnson 708

State Treasurer

• Arthur L. Castillo 691

Attorney General

• Michael Euguene Hendricks 697

Commissioner of Public Lands

• Patrick H. Lyons 752

State Representative

• Jackey O Chatfield 738

Public Regulations Commissioner

• Jefferson L. Byrd 571

• Jerry W. Partin 301

Judge of the Court of Appeals Position 1

• Stephen G. French 688

Judge of the Court of Appeals Position 2

• Hank Bohnhoff 677

Judge of the Court of Appeals Position 3

• Emil J. Kiehne 676

Judge of the Court of Appeals Position 4

• Daniel Jose Gallegos 673

County Magistrate Judge

• Timothy James O'Quinn 588

• Patricia J. Lopez 171

• Paula J. Chacon 220

County Commissioner District 3

• Franklin D. McCasland 563

• Bryan M. Rinestine 399

Libertarian ballot

County Sheriff

• Russell D. Shafer 825

United States Senator

• Aubrey Dunn 2

United States Representative

• Christopher Manning 2

Secretary of State

• Sandra D. Jeff 2

Attorney General

• A. Blair Dunn 2

Commissioner of Public Lands

• Michael G. Lucero 2


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